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We are ceiling supplier and ceiling contractor in Malaysia who can provide both ceiling supply and installation for commercial and residential building. Ceiling Malaysia can be customized into different designs, colours, patterns for interior theme purposes. ceiling designs are always so important to synchronize with flooring and furniture themes of the rooms.

Classic Ceiling

Suspended Ceiling

Common ceiling design with flat surfaces, easy installation, modifiable with additional designs, textures, cost effective and fast setup time. It normally fixed at 8 feet height so it can compromise with other building components as well as can be further renovated when owners wanted to.

classic ceiling malaysia
Ivory Flat Ceiling Scheme

It is also known as drop ceiling, false ceiling or T-bar ceiling, drop in(out) ceiling, grid ceiling or ceiling tiles where the ceiling act as a secondary ceiling, installed after an existing flat ceiling. This is to conseal pipes, cables and also existing old ceiling. It is favoured by users because of its installation speed, resistances to mould, moisture, sound, heat and fire.

suspended ceiling malaysia

Coffered Ceiling

Stretch Ceiling

About the same with dropped ceiling, it is used to hide existing ceiling, wires and plumbing where it has more options in terms of colours and shapes. It comprises of three major parts, membrane made by Nylon or PVC, lightweight sheet roll which can be modified for different designs; aluminium perimeter track or PVC’s one; catch (harpoon) which is to keep the ceiling in place.

stretch ceiling malaysia

Coved Ceiling

Visual appearance has been emphasized by its concaved surface design, the point where the sharp angle or edges between wall and ceiling has been eliminated. A very good example for this design is like a mosque which is having an arched-dome ceiling which is having soft and smooth edges or even rounded or shallow curve. It is often seen in bungalow, commercial building where it brings elegant and luxury feel with correct paint combination.

coved ceiling malaysia
Coved Ceiling with Crown Moulding

It is also known as box beam ceiling commonly installed in sunken ceiling tiles (grid form) where the shapes can be square or others, bounded by narrow beams. This type of coffering ceiling customizable with different designs, the exposed beam ceiling system bring an eye-catching 3D outlook which is adjustable in a smaller or larger piece of each, just like a waffle.

coffered ceiling malaysia

Tray Ceiling

It is also known as recessed or inverted ceiling, where the center area is highlighted by installing the ceiling in a way like gabled roof or reversed tray. It brings the room feel like very ornate and subtle, especially a dramatic feel for hotel ballroom or hall. This design allows you to combine better with different painting, borders, lighting, larger overall volume and so better heights in smaller room.

tray ceiling malaysia

Shed Ceiling

Cathedral or Vaulted Ceiling

Very dramatic and spacious design, where the vaulted and open concept layout are created with slanting ceiling. V shape upside down, high position windows and faux beams, following the roof’s underside slope. It allows sunlight or artificial lights to shine into building during day and night time, the overall feel of the room looks gorgeous provided the room is wide enough to apply such ceiling design.

Design similar to cathedral from the aspect of slope and similar to conventional ceiling in term of flat surface, but it is not so steep and slants skyward to one side. This design normally installed in building with loft and dormer for air circulation and heat insulation.

Other Ceiling & Insulations

We can also do aluminium ceiling, timber ceiling or others such as painting latex, gloss paint, wood stain paint, wallpaper printed with textured, design together with wallpaper border, fabric to be stapled or glued into ceiling tile, frame, plastic, tin or gluing mouldings and medallions (stain or paint lightweight plastic or wood mouldings). Many will also add in insulation materials such as fiberglass, rockwool, mineral wool, cotton, polyurethane foam (PU foam), polystyrene.

cathedral and vaulted ceiling malaysia
shed ceiling malaysia
Cabin ceiling design with shed roof

Ceiling Framing
Ceiling Grids
Ceiling Light Panels & Louvers

Ceiling Tile Tools & Accessories

Ceiling Tiles
Cornice Moulding

Ceiling accessories

timber ceiling malaysia
Timber Ceiling
pvc ceiling malaysia
PVC Ceiling
acoustic glass wool ceiling tiles malaysia
Acoustic Glass Wool Ceiling Tiles

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a ceiling supplier Malaysia (plaster ceiling supplier Malaysia) and ceiling contractor (plaster ceiling contractor Malaysia) in Malaysia which customize your ceiling requirement for commercial, residential, industrial, high rise or landed properties, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.

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