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Industrialized Building System (IBS) Malaysia is defined as the components that are manufactured in a controlled setting and environment, regardless of whether the production is done on-site or off-site, assembled, fabricated or sited into the works of construction. IBS materials supplied and built by manufacturers, suppliers, contractors are entitled to Green Building Index (GBI) for building projects completed in Malaysia, IBS is classified as eco-friendly and green building materials in Malaysia.

Better planning of resources also reduces the overall cost, optimizes the supplies and diminish wastage of materials. IBS tolerates high flexibility and includes a wide range in architectural designs; most types of IBS provide excellent quality and finishing compared to labor-intensive work where quality might be inconsistent or differ with measurement in design. Furthermore, the cost of foreign workers in Malaysia has been increasing, making IBS is a wise building method option to proceed.

industrial bulding system malaysia

Type of IBS

Pre-fabrication (Prefabs) System

Pre-fabricated system Malaysia (also known as prefab for manufacturer, supplier and contractor in Malaysia) are actually partial or complete assemblies which are then transported to the construction site as a result from component assembling done in plant or other factory, manufacturing site.

Blockwork System

Blockwork or brickwork is referred to each individual unit which has been produced at homogeneous shape, being lifted and laid with mortar for durable masonry construction, lightweight, high mass, larger size and elevated compressive strength, a very good example is Autoclaved Aerated Concrete block (AAC block).

Pre-cast System

Precast system Malaysia (commonly referred to as precast concrete for manufacturer, supplier and contractor in Malaysia) is casting the concrete component and cure within a mould which is reusable in factory or controlled environment before sending to the construction site.

Innovative / Hybrid System

Combine multiple category of IBS, such as prefab with precast, blockworks with prefab, precast with brickwork to achieve better design, cost saving, energy efficiency and building friendliness to specific requirements by owners are very common nowadays in Malaysia too.


Containers Malaysia are repurposed shipping containers used for housing and construction applications; they are easily transportable and its robust steel body make them an ideal choice for many types of enterprises and residential homes. Due to their uniform dimensions they are easily altered and modified to the user's preference.

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