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Pre-fabricated system is actually partial or complete assemblies which are then transported to the construction site as a result from component assembling done in plant or other factory, manufacturing site.

Prefabricated building materials manufacturer and supplier in Malaysia able to produce prefab components for building from different kind of materials. Prefab IBS construction materials and method are low cost but permanent, environmental-friendly (recyclable) and detachable (reusable).

prefab modern building malaysia
Materials types

Ductible into numerous shapes design. Its flexibility, low maintenances required make it suitable for projects like skyscrapers or high-rise buildings Malaysia.


Timber can be obtained easily, recyclable, cheap and design-friendly. Timber manufacturer and supplier are able to fabricate timber prefab beams, column, wood prefab wall, slab and roof panel for IBS project.


Steel has long lifespan and resistance to rusting, molds and insects; its ductility, speed and safety features add points to why many developers choose to use prefabricated steel building materials in Malaysia.


Plastic can also be recycled and further processed into building materials in many forms. Prefabricated plastic building materials manufacturer and supplier are able to recycle and convert these plastic waste into plastic building, plastic road, plastic roofing sheet and plastic panel.


Concrete such as Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) or Insulating concrete form (foam), Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) sandwich panel also can be act as a formwork for roofs, floors and walls for building with sound and heat insulation, load bearing which is suitable to be used for interior and exterior.


Fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP), glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) or glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP), such as GFRP Rebar used in Malaysia. Fibreglass building materials are lightweight yet high stiffness, resilience and hardness can be adjusted by gelcoat, cost effective; insect, thermal, impact, chemical resistance and non-conductive to electric.

Prefabricated Prefinished Volumetric Construction (PPVC)

PPVC Malaysia is a method that independent volumetric panels or modules are completed in factory before sending to the construction site in Malaysia for installation, normally equipped with those internal and external finishes, fittings, fixtures are completed for ceilings, floors and walls.


  • Labour Saving

  • Quick Build

  • Pre-install M&E

  • City-preferred method

  • Lower delay risk

  • Easy problem tracking

  • Managed finishes quality

  • No building level restriction


  • Multi Storey Building

  • Permanent Building

  • High Density City

ppvc malaysia
ppvc malaysia

Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU)

Prefabricated Bathroom Unit (PBU) means bathroom unit which is preassembled away from the site (off-site), with finishes ready such as conduits, pipes, sanitary wares, fittings, cabinets, ceiling, shower screen before sending to the contractor’s site for installation by manufacturer or supplier.

pbu malaysia


  • No labour quality risk

  • Flexible design

  • Pre-installed sanitarywares & fittings

  • Waterproof assurance

  • Efficient in city

  • Project tracking

  • No hacking required

  • Less skilled labour required


  • High-rise Building

  • Mass Housing

  • Building in City Centre

Modular Building

Modular building (also known as Modular home or house system in Malaysia) is one of the prefabricated (prefab) type of Industrialized Building System (IBS) where whole unit with installed fixtures and finishes are being built in a controlled factory before sending to site


  • Appreciate in value as per others

  • Complex design can be done

  • Convenient in mobilization

  • Eliminate weather risk

  • Superior Strength

  • Contractors’ risks reduced

  • Completed finishes and fixtures


  • Office

  • Factory

  • Shop

  • Home

  • Portable or mobile types

modular house malaysia
modular house malaysia
Modular house
Modular house

Panelized Home

Panel Home also known as panelized building, is for those building which is being built panel by panel is known as panelized home system, although the parts in building have more than modular home, but the time to construct is similar to modular house by IBS builder and manufacturer in Malaysia.


  • Only assemble on site

  • Speed is money

  • Reliable strength

  • Consistent price

  • Precise casting

  • Less wastage

  • Installed M&E


  • Commercial

  • Residential

  • High rise

  • Low Rise

  • Temporary

  • Permanent

metal panel malaysia
timber panel malaysia
Timber panel
Metal panel

Shipping Container Home

In Malaysia, converting shipping container into useable building and livable home, office, shop, cafe or temporary building is an architectural trend, it is no longer an option merely for those who cannot afford property, as well as for site that has limited access to electricity and water.

shipping container home malaysia
Container design
shipping container home malaysia


  • Extremely low cost

  • Eco-friendly

  • Instant application

  • Quick authority’s approval

  • Standard pricing

  • Unique design

  • Lightweight yet strong


  • Temporary building

  • Home

  • Cafe

  • Shop

  • Office

  • Counter

  • Event

  • Decoration

Formwork Malaysia

Formwork is also known as shuttering is important and act as mould for concrete to be poured to form a particular structure of building, either temporary or permanent. Prefabricated formwork in Malaysia allows contractor to save time on site setting up the formwork.


  • Portable

  • Reusable

  • Diverse material

  • Easy setup

  • Fit to design

  • Recyclable

  • Strong and light


  • Aluminium

  • Timber

  • Metal

  • Casting Mould

  • Site Support (or Scaffolding)

  • Off-site formwork

  • On-site formwork

  • Ceiling, Wall, Slab

  • Column, Beam

plastic formwork malaysia
Plastic formwork
aluminum formwork malaysia
​Aluminum formwork

Framing System

Prefabricated framing system in Malaysia allows load-bearing structure to be manufactured from controlled environment by various materials and assemble either on-site or off-site. Prefabricate (prefab) material ranging from timber, aluminum, steel, agricultural waste, composite, fiberglass, plastic and others.


  • Beam Flooring

  • Ceiling Batterns

  • Roof Batterns

  • Interior and exterior decking

  • Door Frame

  • C and Z Purlins

  • Wall frame

  • Infrastructure

  • Engineering Building

  • Cladding

  • Column, Beam


  • Accurate costing

  • Precise design

  • Less labour

  • Quick setup

  • High tensile

  • Customizable

  • Lightweight

timber framing malaysia
Timber framing
steel framing malaysia
Steel framing
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