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Glass Malaysia is relatively affordable and therefore many designers opt to use glass in their building design. Besides level of transparency can be modified, the thickness, insulation, strength and other properties can also be altered including thermal resistant, acoustic proof, light transmission level.

glass wall malaysia

Glass is brittle in nature, but with lamination and initial batching admixture modification, its strength can be improved dramatically.


Energy efficiency glazing can be done by having double and triple glazed, lower down the heat transmission and also provide acoustic solution.


Diversifiable into many shapes, colours to fit architect and interior designer’s requirement make glass still being one of the most preferred building material in Malaysia.


Many glass manufacturers in Malaysia are able to collect the broken waste glass scraps, recycle and remelt it as concrete aggregates for construction.


Space saver material which is widely used in Malaysia, glass allows more interior space saving compared to brick-based partition or wall.

Clear Glass

Clear glass is the most common building materials for glass doors and windows in Malaysia, that can give very high level of clarity and light transmission.

Ideal building material as glass partition (obstacle) and decoration.

clear glass malaysia

Tempered Glass

This is the safety glass (tempered glass) where the broken particles will be smaller and shattered pieces will not be so sharp and harmful, tempered glass or safety glass supplier will increase the strength and thermal breakage by adding polyvinyl butyral layer to make sure the risk is being lowered to the minimum, this shatterproof glass can be made into fire-resistant door as well as optically distorted low visible glass.

Glass Block

Glass block in Malaysia allows bullet, vandal, fire and heat resistances with certain thickness, it can also achieve visual obscuration without stopping light admission. It can be manufactured into solid and hollow glass blocks which it can be used for both wall and floor.

glass block malaysia

Self-cleaning Glass

This hydrophilic glass allows water to slip through them and cause no water marks, they can be divided into hydrophobic and hydrophilic where they can roll water droplet and break down dirt that is absorbed. Self-cleaning glass supplier in Malaysia can apply different types of coating to achieve this effects.

LowE Glass

Low Emissivity glass (LowE glass) manufacturer will coat another thin metallic layer on the glass to make it reflective to thermal and reduce heat transmission. LowE glass supplier in Malaysia is able to provide multiple colours for aesthetic purpose.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass manufacturer added in metal oxides during production so that this type of glass can absorb, reduce sun glare, heat energy especially hot tropical country like in Malaysia.

It is also appealing and have many varieties in colours by mixing different chemical into production such as green (iron oxide), blue (copper sulphate), grey, yellow, black, red and bronze (sulphar).

tinted glass malaysia

Laminated Glass

Another type of safety glass which combines permanently two or more layers of sandwich glass. So when glass is broken, they will still bond together. Laminated glass supplier is able to provide interlayer laminated glass in other forms such as clear, reflective or tinted to achieve absorption against noise up to 50% and UV radiation up to 99%.

laminated glass malaysia

Architectural Glass

There are many types of architectural glass in Malaysia, such as prism glass, polished plate glass, rolled plate glass (figured plate), drawn sheet glass, cast glass, crown glass, cylinder glass that can be used as interior (internal or partition), facade or exterior (external).

architectural glass malaysia

Chromatic Glass

Chromatic glass allows the control of daylight and transparency in the forms of light sensitivity and heat sensitivity. There is also another electrochromatic glass where the transparency can be controlled electronically by switch, commonly used in hospital or meeting venue.

chromatic glass malaysia

Reflective Glass

A layer of metallic coating on the glass will make it reflective visually and also sunlight control, highly suitable to high rise which has larger area of building exposes to heat and UV; it also available in many colours for decorative purpose.

reflective glass malaysia

Double Glazing Glass

This type of glazed glass (double glazed or triple glazed) comprise of two glass panels where the glazing glass manufacturer bond both together with some air gap in between, and some will put in some argon gas to improve insulation. Double glazing supplier in Malaysia able to provide in different colours and diff types of glass such as tinted, clear or laminated.

double glazing glass malaysia

Coloured Glass

Stained glass supplier also commonly called as coloured glass supplier in Malaysia, mostly used for decorative picturesque for windows of museum and church. Interior designers also apply stained glass or coloured glass for garden, interior, exterior, wall and ceiling in Malaysia.

coloured glass malaysia

Glass Wool

Glass wool is actually an insulation material for thermal that commonly used as filler for building, it is made by intertwined and glass fibers that can provide acoustic insulation as well.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a glass supplier Malaysia and glass contractor in Malaysia which customize your glass requirement for commercial, residential, community project used for facades, house, school, shop, office, aquariums, bridges, ceiling, wall, staircases, handrail, door, skylight, window, flooring, high rise or landed properties, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.

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