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We are able to supply concrete masonry unit (CMU), lightweight block (brick), interlocking brick and pavers as well as other agricultural waste block (brick), the following are some introduction:

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU)

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) supplier Malaysia has been doing well due to its versatility, easy to be installed and cost effective to builder. Its longevity, appealing finish, require no further treatment in term of paint makes it quick to build. It can also produced by natural green materials or recycled materials which does not have or contain low volatile organic compound (VOC).

Since it is commonly found in the market, and very labour-intensive based construction materials and method in Malaysia, therefore, it makes contractor does not have to spend time and effort to place special order from CMU manufacturer. Home built by CMU also gains advantages such as safeguard to temperature, fire, rot, weather, heat and sound insulation in some aspects.

concrete masonry unit malaysia

Interlocking Brick

Interlocking brick is more convenient for builders without experience and skill set is not a constraint for this material, many developing countries in southeast asia (SEA) such as Cambodia, Vietnam are popular due to its workability and low cost.

interlocking brick

Lightweight Block / Brick

Malaysia’s lightweight block and brick are then expanded further into panel, supplier manufactures this type of cement masonry unit using lightweight aggregate. The best example is autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC), which is 1/5 of normal concrete.


Besides lightweight, it also acts as a thermal stabilizer for wall partition, roof, floor and lintel for multiple building types from low rise to high rise. It contains non-toxic materials, cost effective, durable, green, high workability, impact, sound, fire and water resistant.

lightweight block and brick malaysia


Pavers flooring has many options in term of shapes, materials, colours and designs; it is often specified by Architect into landscaping and garden designs. It comprises of tumbled pavers, textured pavers and smooth pavers which are made by concrete, brick, rubber, bluestone, flagstone, travertine and cobblestone.

pavers malaysia

Agricultural Waste Block

It is defined as agricultural waste made brick, block or panel which can be manufactured besides agriculture such as by flyash, wood, plastic, glass, rubber and others. These materials can be very low cost and at the same time get your green building index (GBI) point.

agricultural waster block malaysia

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