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Living in Containers

The crucial innovation of shipping containers was for the economical transportation of cargo, loads and goods across the vast lands and sea. They are uniformly designed, light in weight and sufficiently strong to survive treacherous environments. However, in recent decades, old and excess shipping containers have been repurposed and ingeniously transformed into useful building materials. The very first container house was maybe built by means of low-

cost budget and convenience, however recent modern approaches have rebranded and redefined container homes to a whole new level of contemporary and sophisticated designs. The standardised form of containers is akin to colossal-sized Lego blocks and its versatility and flexibility allow for the construction of building structures that display an intricate yet minimalistic outlook. Each unique placement and assorted arrangement of containers effectively creates an individual structure of its own identity. There can be single-unit container cabins, container-houses on wheels, containers assembled adjacent

to traditional brick buildings, an assemble of stacked containers, and even containers with connected walls removed to create a spacious interior. Further altercations can be made such as adding exterior cladding and interior walls, resulting in a stylish and comfortable dwelling. Container housing has gained popularity, especially among the younger generation as they are substantially cheaper to build and are gentler on the environment in contrast to traditional ground-up construction. By employing the right contractor, container buildings can be built sustainably, affordably, shorter construction time and even aesthetically approved. 

The greatest advantage of containers is evidently its affordability. They are a great alternative for the younger generation who are struggling to procure a living space of their own due to rising property prices. As the structure itself comes at a predictable price, the variable cost is dependant on site- preparation, foundation, assembly, utility connections and largely influenced by custom-built space-saving furnishings.



Containers come in standard box shapes of equal uniform dimensions. Be that as it may, there is a myriad of possible ways these container blocks can be modified, combined, and assembled that results in buildings that are one of a kind. Containers can be built to be an exemplary living quarter according to its function and needed room space by combining containers to maximise floor space or forming structures of several stories high.


The reusing of shipping containers after its intended service life is indisputably a conscious environmental effort in addressing waste management. The idea of minimalistic living can be progressively cultured into the minds of the youth through decreased usage of building materials and natural resources. Resultantly, this leads to reduced carbon footprint by way of a responsible and sustainable means of construction.


Store Yourselves Differently

We bring you more than just Containers


Container Homes

Spacious and large living quarters of containers instills an open-space ambience and a modern setting; and have been becoming increasingly popular among young homeowners.


Container Offices

Portable container offices are a choice solution for a temporary or project-based setup, allowing employees to work in style without compromising comfort


Container Cafés

A cheap and convenient way to startup a restaurant career, container cafes are definitely in the now, providing a favourite hangout spot for youngsters to chill and the perfect rendezvous point for business meetings.


Container Hotels

Living in a box brings about a whole new level of excitement to travellers and tourists; giving a fun and distinctive lodging experience in attractive, low-cost yet well-built structures.

Emergency Shelters

In the events of natural disasters, containers provide a quick and temporary housing solution for displaced victims, assisting in recovery processes by providing immediate make-shift shacks.

Container Emergency Shelters

Swimming Pools

Container Swimming Pools

Cleaned-up and properly rust-treated containers are lined-up with a second-layer of fibre glass or steel shell, and is simply filled to make an ideal swimming pool easily installed at backyards and rooftops.


Container Workshop

Whether it is a workbench, equipment rack or a drafting table, containers are customised to be worked on-site and is resilient for rough industrial environments.

Property Showroom


Property Showrooms

Containers make the perfect temporary one-stop centre for estate agents to showcase their property galleries, concepts and designs; its wide dimensions provide ample room for potential buyers to stroll leisurely as they consider their investments.


Container Toilets

Ideal for events and project sites, portable container toilets provide an easy access to washroom for sanitary purposes; they can be built within short notice and readily available even in remote areas. 


Container Theatre

A transportable movie theatre in these giant containers are perfect for special screenings or campaigning purposes. Sound insulation panels and professional setup can provide an immersive viewing experience for audience at a low budget.


Container Gymnasium

A robust training platform ideal for both commercial and private fitness operations for day-to-day active performance; or even for military training as these containers can withstand harsh conditions.

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a container supplier and contractor in Malaysia which provides you customised fittings of containers and its interior furnishings for commercial, industry and construction works, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Klang Valley and other states in Malaysia.

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