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Malaysia adoption of IBS precast is high because it has the following benefits:

Concrete mixing and curing are completed in a controlled casting environment therefore its quality can be consistent and less labour intensive. Strength can be enhanced, pre-evaluated and assured, strength test is no longer required on site. It is also time saving for projects where pre-order components are completed ahead, send to site for immediate installation. Weather has no longer a big factor to delays project, quicker completion of project gains more time value of money such as bank loan payoff, building handover, faster sales income recognition.

The difference between precast components and prefab is prefabricated might involve cast-in-situ (concrete to be cast and cure on-site). The following are components

precast malaysia


  • Wall

  • Slab

  • Staircase

  • Roof

  • Column

  • Façade

  • Lintel

  • Pile


  • Drainage

  • Pipe

  • Tank

  • Manhole

  • Joint

  • Tunnel

  • Jetty

  • Highway

  • Railway

precast malaysia

Photos credit to: preconco, pceltd

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