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Green Building is Important

Today we talk about what is green building?

In order to promote awareness on issues of environment, sustainability in the built environment and our duty to future generations among public which also include Architects, Planners, Developers, Contractors, Engineers, Designers, a well recognized green building rating tool called Green Building Index (GBI) is created in Malaysia.

Green building is actually an effective and sustainable design practice to improve sites and buildings' efficiency in using its resources such as water, material, energy and at the same time lowering the impacts on environment and human health during the buildings' lifecycle. It covers from design stage, land-use & community planning from manufacturing, construction, operation, maintenance to removal.

The following are what green buildings can achieve:

a) Designed and built to save resources, recycle materials, water, energy and also minimizing the toxic substances'emissions over its life cycle.

b) Able to harmonize the traditions, culture, local environment and climate.

c) Quality of human life can be maintained and improved white sustaining the level of ecosystem.

d) Utilize efficiently and effectively of resources, able to prove the increases in the productivity of workplace and its operational savings significantly.

e) A healthier, convenient public transport's connectivity, comfortable indoor environment and lowest impact on environment.

Developer, architect, contractor or organization should always building green, as it will help also your company image (well run, responsible, committed to the future).

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