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Wood for Your Building

March 26, 2017

Hi all, we are talking about real wood instead of artificial wood here. Why should we use wood in your house or building, from external material such as decking, wall, roof to furnitures, cabinets, ceiling, door and windows etc. Let's explore more together now



Environmentally friendly

It is definitely a green material and absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) by its nature, limiting the CO2 release into atmosphere. Many regulation has been enforced where a new tree has to be planted for every tree which has been chopped. Hence, theoretically, there will be more wood on this planet for carbon absorption. Good to have more young and new trees as in they absorb more carbon than the mature trees, helps in the climate change issues.


Water Resistant

 Although different wood has different absorption rates in term of moisture and water, but appropriate treatment of coating will help in every type of wood without affecting their natural features such as absorption of CO2, as coating nowadays allows wood to breath (air molecules can travel but not liquid molecules). 


Wood will oxidize in some form but it is so insignificant comparing with metal (although some metals don't rust too, but they are much more expensive), wood doesn't rust and save you a lot of headaches.



Acoustically Sound

Of course, wood is not the first insulator material, but it is good at preventing bouncing echoes within the space by absorbing waves of the sound. It is commonly used in concert room, church a