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Landscape and Garden for Your Home

Landscape Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the countries among Asia where typical landed property household might have own garden space for landscape design. Landscape your own garden today, this kind of privilege should be fully utilized and pretty sure you enjoy for that.

The following are the advantages why we should execute landscape works for our garden:

Natural Air Conditioner

Research shows that grass can have approximately 20 degrees cooler than plain soil and more than 30 degrees chiller than asphalt floor. Loft’s temperature can be reduced by 40 degrees by proper trees shading your home.

Garden Malaysia

Natural Cleaners

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is being absorbed by grass, breaking down into both carbon and oxygen, capture smoke particles, pollutant and dusts. Having approximately 230m2 of lawn can supply sufficient oxygen to four family member in a house.

Landscape Design Malaysia

Noise and Water Filter

Plants and lawns can actually help in reducing noise pollution a lot more than surfaces such as pavers and concrete floor up to thirty percent, because hard surface cannot absorb sound instead it reflects sounds. If you have turfgrass on top of your fish pond, it can act as a filter and absorber for unwanted particles in the water.

Garden Design Malaysia

Health Enhancer

Staying and carry out activities most of the time with plants can help to relax your mind, improve memory, lower down blood pressure, stress and boost focus ability. You feel good to be in a mini park which owned by you and can be accessed 24/7 a day right.

Landscape Contractors Malaysia

Pet Habitats

You will have natural habitats for your pets, such as dogs, cats, fish (if you have fish pond design as well), insects or birds. Many people will build a dog house in a garden for dogs coupled with some wooden raised decking for outlook as well as beneficial to health.

Landscape Contractor Malaysia

Leisure Place

Spending time reading a book, inviting guest for BBQ or join you in the garden for gathering activities, after dinner evening fun time with children at the little park full of nature. It is definitely a good entertainment place with your family and friends.

Landscape and Garden Malaysia

Utilize Idle Space

Many landed properties have at least some yard which is unused, those places should be furnished with plants, proper grass field and other decorative landscaping. Allocate some chairs, tables, umbrella and a pool built in garden with full of plants, how great is it.

Garden and Landscape Malaysia

Better Value

Additionally, it will look more appealing to potential buyers, indirect increasing the value of your property. Many choose to install some water features coupled with some plants and fish pond to make it attractive, some who believes it is good for “Feng Shui” or positive energy with plants and fountain within your house.

Landscape & Garden Malaysia

Landscape and garden contractor Malaysia, contact us to find out more at or call +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

Photo Credit: diynetwork, pinterest, inhabitat

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