Fiberglass Roof

August 16, 2017


Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a fiberglass roof supplier, able to supply fiberglass roof covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Fiberglass roof in Malaysia is getting popular because users have now more awareness of its benefits. As a fiberglass roof supplier Malaysia, we wish to introduce what is fiberglass and some of the benefits to you.

What is Fiberglass Roof and Fiberglass Benefits

Fiberglass is plastic where it is reinforced by fiber, arranged randomly and being flattening into a sheet, and the overlapping glass fiber sheet create a lightweight yet strong, it can be further processed into different shapes such as fiberglass tube, fiberglass tank, fiberglass wall panel, fiberglass ceiling and today we are going to talk about fiberglass roof panel.

Fiberglass roof is well known with their capabilities in thermal resistance, and this is why fiberglass roof supplier in Malaysia is doing good for this market demand. Fiberglass helps in limiting the heat transfer through its low coefficient of thermal expansion. Fiberglass in Malaysia is also a perfect non-flammable insulation building materials as its thermal transfer resistance rate ranges from R-2.9 to R-3.8 per inch.

Fiberglass roof supplier Malaysia can also supply very high tensile strength-to-weight ratio fiberglass roofing which provides you a cost saving when design the overall building structure, roof truss and frame. Purchasing cost effective fiberglass roof enables you to save the budget to focus on other building materials of the project, enquire our fiberglass roof supplier Malaysia now for more technical specification on these.

Fiberglass as Roofing Materials Malaysia

Sourcing a quality roofing materials in Malaysia is very important because roof is one of the main and major building part where it is the first and has the highest exposure to adverse weather and foreign objects. Therefore, getting fiberglass roof from a great fiberglass roof supplier in Malaysia is a smart move as fiberglass roofing protect your building from chemical, moisture and other foreign materials.

Furthermore, fiberglass roof allows you to obtain stability in its dimensions and shapes, it will not shrink nor stretch, insulate also against electrical which makes you feel safe when covered by such friendly roofing materials. Consultation is available by contacting us, as a fiberglass roof supplier Malaysia who can give you best proposal for your roofing requirement.

Fiberglass Roof Supplier Malaysia

Last but not least, where our fiberglass roofing supplier in Malaysia able to supply you fiberglass roof materials with high thermal endurance which not only suitable for residential, also especially for commercial and industrial building or factories (plant) where it would not get burned and fiberglass is not being affected by curative temperatures used industrial treatment. Fiberglass can retain half of the strength and one quarter of its strength when it met with 370 and 540 Celsius respectively.