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Sanitary Wares and Fittings

September 7, 2017

Sanitary ware (sanitaryware) and fittings are parts of the ceramic wares’ division in which test report and public awareness ceramic materials are proven to be durable in long term and cost effective for your bathroom since it has the benefits such as glossy surface, easy to clean, scratch resistant and can withstand over 400 kg of weight and most importantly ceramic itself already a chemical resistant material.

The general categories which sanitary wares supplier in Malaysia has divided into are toilet tank, wash basin, pedestal, bidet, urinal, sink, bath tub; and the main sanitary fittings (accessories) are comprise of soap holder (soap tray), wall hung, ash tray, towel rod, toilet paper holder for the washroom.

When sanitary wares manufacturer in Malaysia get the raw materials are blended, position the slurry properly, cast in the plaster mould and then the dried and glazed blanks heated up to 1200°C, any of the sanitary model can be shaped from these ceramic wares origins, these toilet wares are tough and water absorption of them are less than 0.5% as it contains clay, quartz sand, kaolinite and feldspar.