Acrylic Tube

September 17, 2017

Many industries are now replacing acrylic tube as an alternative to glass tube or any other material types of tube for their application. Normally in USA people called them as Plexiglas or Plexi while Europe consumers commonly named the as Perspex; in Malaysia acrylic tube is also widely titled as Perspex tube or acrylic tube.

Today, besides presenting the advantages of acrylic tube to you, we are also pleased to get you informed also on the details of acrylic types available for tube and why you should also always go for acrylic materials when you are getting tubing.

Acrylic tube is made by polymer from carbon molecules that have been further combined chemically to shape into tube or cylinder. The tubing’s physical attributes are created by casting or extruding the resin where we can further classify them into either extruded acrylic tube or cast acrylic tube. These two versions have only some major difference in production process which is then cause them to fall under two diverse categories.

Cast Acrylic Tube versus Extruded Acrylic Tube

Cast acrylic tube manufacturer in Malaysia normally blend the fluid form of elements into a preset mould, in this case is the cylinder shape. The chemical process allows the properties to be identical in all directions. While the extruded acrylic tube supplier in Malaysia produces extrusion type of acrylic tube in a different way, they push the acrylic mass continuously through a form.

Acrylic tube supplier Malaysia claims that cast acrylic has better quality than extruded acrylic tube due to its resistant level to various solvents, in another word, greater chemical resistance. When it comes to laser cutting and engraving, cast acrylic will show no burrs and matt white while extruded acrylic tube has some burr on one side and seem to have some matt gray.

Heat bending and thermoforming make no difference to cast acrylic and extruded acrylic tube tends to act differently in term of direction and colour. The next issue is on the thickness tolerance where it is more relevant to acrylic sheet instead of tube, 15% variance versus 5% respective to cast and extruded acrylic tubes. Furthermore, acrylic tube supplier in Malaysia also claims that the resistance level to scratch, flame polish and tensile strength of cast acrylic are better extruded acrylic.

Acrylic Tube Supplier in Malaysia

Cast acrylic supplier in Malaysia may not be doing better than extruded acrylic supplier in Malaysia, the main reason is pretty simple; because cast acrylic tube is much more expensive than extruded although it has higher quality in term of stability against thermal and chemical substances. Consumers in Malaysia will go for extruded acrylic sheet, extruded acrylic box, extruded acrylic tube or extruded acrylic rod when they need to buy acrylic products (i.e. acrylic tube) online or offline in Malaysia.

The other benefits of why purchaser is looking for extruded acrylic tube in Malaysia is because it has thickness consistency and suitable for multiple application since the fabrication can be full of varieties. Extruded acrylic tube is tougher and therefore it can tolerant high temperature and less prone to bending. Flame polish can let extruded acrylic to bonds better when apply different chemicals, in another term, more malleable.

Since the major value proposition of acrylic tube is as an alternative to glass tube, so the most important advantage is the impact resistant of acrylic tube. Acrylic tube supplier in Malaysia therefore sell more extruded acrylic tube than cast acrylic tube since these type of acrylic is ten times better than glass in the aspect of impact resistance. Most importantly, the durability, surface toughness, virtually shatter-proof, exceptional UV stability are the same when you opt for extruded or cast acrylic from acrylic supplier in Malaysia.