Factory Contractor Malaysia

January 14, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is able to provide factory renovation, machineries maintenance work, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. We aim to be leading factory contractor in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of factory renovation work and machinery service in Malaysia. Factory requires consistent upgrading work to ensure efficiency is maximized, including office renovation, the factory’s equipment and machinery maintenance. Enquire us today for your factory maintenance contractor in Malaysia, from building to mechanical maintenance, repair and upgrading services.

Equipment and Machineries

There are many types of equipment and machineries in Malaysia, equipment that are core to the factory include power generation, raw material preparation, actual production line set, finishing and packing machineries.

Power Generating Set

Power generator set in Malaysia has wide application, either is a core or standby unit to plant or building, channeled by diesel, gas or others. A factory without sufficient and backup electricity setup is prone to loss in production efficiency and might cause a high opportunity cost in income-generating. For instance, the production line stops due to the short of electricity supply that make the orderbook cannot be met; when contract cannot be fulfilled, reputation, financial penalty and client switching cost will be imposed immediately. In today’s competitive market, productivity and capability to cope with contingency are essential.

Getting a reliable generator supplier in Malaysia who can provide full consultancy, design-to-need, fabricate-to-use, service-to-optimize is important. Generator rental, lease, purchase (first or second hand), spare parts maintenance to overhaul repair service, genset (generator set) contractor Malaysia can definitely cater for the requirement. Factory maintenance contractor in Malaysia shall able to fabricate, assemble and supply power generating-set that a typical factory requires. Enquire today for your preferred factory maintenance contractor in Malaysia.

Raw Material Preparation

This stage of every plant is important because it get ready of all the raw material input before product making pro