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Tile Supplier and Contractor Malaysia

April 16, 2019

Tile is a common product to be seen on many peoples house roof. This is because we Aathaworld Sdn Bhd as the Tile supplier knew that tile roof is one of the most affordable and long lasting product for the roof. Tile can be used for any components in a building such as flooring, wall, facade, garden, walkway, and many many more. This is because tile can be made from diverse material from a soft material such as wood to a solid surface marble. All these products are supplied from our company and our coverage area includes KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Of course, tile can also be supplied in any shapes and sizes so standard size are usually just for reference. Usually customer would only require to submit us the total area of the component like wall or flooring and our professional sales will do the calculation and estimation of the tile is required and the type of tile is involved. If you able to share us more details like the area of usage than we can provide a much more complete of recommendation for your application for eg if you wish to do tiling for your bathroom than we would not wood tile as it get rot easily if there is damping and would usually recommend using quarry tile with anti-slip coating to suit the nice and safety in a bathroom

Terracotta Tile Malaysia
Terracotta tiles Malaysia is the common product to be used on roof, kitchen, and bathroom. It is made by natural clay material and the colors can be different depending what on what pigment applied by terracotta tiles manufacturer in Malaysia. However, it is commonly displayed in reddish-brown colour to ensure its economical value and faster producing. The reason for many terracotta tiles manufacture in Malaysia address it as “Terracotta” because of its origin is from the earth, manufactured by clay meaning “baked earth”.Since China’s Chinese imperial building roof, Western building design to India’s temples, terracotta tiles have been a must for architecture sculpture, similar to bricks. Terracotta tile manufacturer in Malaysia is able to supply various textures, colours of red, grey, brownish yellow, depends on glazing, some but not all still doing handmade. Terracotta tile Malaysia is commonly being applied as pavers or floor tiles, because they are naturally rot resistant and would not easily degrad by weather. Terracotta tile supplier in Malaysia also receive order from owners who want to install terracotta tiles for places such as living rooms, gardens and balcony due to  owners who want their building’s area to have more antiquated feel. Other popular area such as bathroom and kitchen is because terracotta tiles are mostly chemical resistance and moisture resistance which humid area or food chemical spilling would not affect the properties of tile.