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Wall Contractor Malaysia | Exterior and Interior

November 12, 2019

Aathaworld is an interior contractor who can supply and install interior products from floor to ceiling and walls. These few components are key to interior designs and owner usually wants the design to really focus on them to achieve the conceptual outlook. Aathaworld is able to assist designer and owner in those areas where quality materials supply and proper installation are required as an interior contractor in Malaysia. In order to present better on what are these available materials, below will have introduction for each of those elements. Anyhow, exterior and interior wall finishing will be


Exterior Wall

First of all, exterior wall finishing is what everyone sees on the building itself. It can basically then divided into rendering, facade painting, external wall insulation and other systems such as ventilation. Rendering is basically the most common for all types of wall, especially on a solid concrete wall. It comes in all range of colours and grain sizes while various kinds of substrate and purpose can be achieved. External wall contractor Malaysia like us can also supply and lay multiple choices of rendering to reach the needs of virtual demands by the consumers. Aesthetically, some designers and owners prefer random rendering type as formal properly rendered wall is no longer so well demanded as well as up to the trend in architectural. For instance, robust natural stone renders can be done through free-style kind of finishings as it can also optimize the materials usefulness. The rationale behind it is pretty simple, texture rendering such as natural granite rendering is to make the wall looks like having actual granite tiles to be installed on it, the informal way to do the application can ideally make the finishing looks much more authentic than what it's supposed to be.

At the same time, there are also another sub-elements need to be taken care of, which is the facade paint. According to external wall contractor in Malaysia, colours carry an important role in coating to facade as in its direct emotional appeal. Suppliers of these exterior facade have also developed the properties of these coatings to be able to withstand tough weather, pollution, dirt and of course, the excellent water resistant. Extreme temperature and pressure from hot sun, rain water, wind and potentially various types of dirt are actually harmful to the substrate without a proper layer of coating. Facade paint on top of these walls should be acquired with resistance attribute to all these foreign objects. External wall contractor Malaysia shall also be able to apply on a wide range of wall materials as well as both new and existing buildings. Working on external wall requires superior insulation materials in order to ensure proper heat and sound insulation can be achieved too, especially when complex facade wall is being designed and built.