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Acoustic Solution Contractor Malaysia | Soundproof & Noise Control

Acoustic Ceiling Contractor Malaysia

Getting noise solution, acoustic and sound control materials with installation service are important for your residential, commercial and industrial building purposes. Soundproof is actually sound pressure reduction to the receptor or treating the sound source through specifically designed materials and these can include few solutions, from taking the sound decreasing approach, putting a better and longer distance between the sound receiver and the source of the sound. According to acoustic solution contractor Malaysia, these some time cannot be done if either one of the factors in the whole scenario is fixed. For instance, you are living in a house that is right in front of the school and your home just cannot be moved easily. At least, few other concerns will be there such as the time to move that house, effort of doing so, negative consequences of such relocation, financial constraints to get another new property in which the inflation of fixed asset like this has been increasing annually and it could be also the defeating the original objective for choosing this house at this exact location. Therefore, instead of trying to move this house many would think to raise a complaint to the school or at least the majority of whom passes by that make noise. Acoustic solution contractor in Malaysia would also claim that these few responsive processes are not viable unless time is not the issue that has been considered into it, moving the house by proper planning or taking actions to the multiple sound sources.

In these circumstances, two of the elements are just too rigid to be altered, these are the sound receptor (the house)’s location and the source of sound (the school which is not under your management). Meaning to say, the sound decreasing approach and increasing the receiver’s distance with the source are not having high possibilities to get succeeded in a short period of time. Going for alternative proposals can be viable and it requires a brainstorm session with your family. On the contrary, engaging a proper acoustic solution contractor Malaysia can save the hassles, efforts, time and stresses to you as well as your family. Either public has a general misconception that soundproofing is not possible, doing noise control is a waste of money, do not know there is a solution or even did not even bother where to get the specialist. Many might just find some weird way, including the creative one which hangs tapestries or very thick blankets and mattresses to the wall to dampen the sound. However, it is still possible to make it nice by having quilts that are eye-pleasing but the solution cannot be long term too since these materials will need consistent cleaning and temporarily solving the issue. Acoustic solution contractor in Malaysia explains that soundproofing can be carried out in two directions, either taking action in prohibiting the production of noise to leave a place or room, and external unnecessary sound to enter from outside of the designated area.

Acoustic Panel Malaysia

Absorption of sound or diminishing to such noise require material properties that can function well, although there are chances in which sound is not able to be stopped fully. Noise reduction is usually the main objective in which a specialist and the customer aim to achieve in every circumstance as a minimal target. Bothering other people is always the main concern of many people, including musician, enterprise, event hall, meeting, seminar, training and sometime the unavoidable production of sound is uncontrollable and make sound isolation become so vitally essential to stop these annoying effects as a respect to people outside of the noisy room, building, house or getting external undesired noise to coming into your place for disturbance. Noise barriers will be the way most commonly acoustic solution contractor Malaysia would suggest since it can absorb or reflect sound waves energy and achieve sound insulation. Sound baffles, anti-noise sound generators or some popular materials such as acoustic wool (usually called as rockwool) are also damping structures that can be applied for walls, ceiling, floor and other parts of the room to activate the anti-sound built up. Many people feel shy or embarrass to notify neighbour who create a lot of noise to your house and will still apply some raw methods such as deadening the noise by door sweep to seal up the door’s gap underneath of door panel, fluffy rug or acoustic carpet to install on the floor for sound reduction, sealing using insulating foam sealant on the edges of windows and doors including curtain that can achieve some sort of soundproof. There are also other materials that can perform well in soundproofing, including acoustic sealant, caulk, drywall that is soundproof, vinyl barrier, soundproof blanket, resilient sound channel and other sound blockers such as egg carton to eliminate echoes although it plays a mini part.

Timber Acoustic Malaysia

Do-it-yourself (DIY) has been always the culture of the western based countries according to acoustic solution contractor in Malaysia, because of several reasons including the blue-collar handyman is as high pay as white-collar, motivation to learn, eager to achieve own project at home and the independent mindset educated by parents. Most of the countries in the globe that is eastern-based are more keen to hire specialists if anything needs to be done within the home, such as plumbing, electrical appliance repair, fixing of other furnitures and fixtures to the home so they can focus on other things else. First of all, because the labour cost is still relatively affordable in this part of the world due to most of them being in developing states while foreign workers might also be a trend for highly developing nations including some places such as Malaysia for roles that involve the so-called “3D”. 3D in general industries here meant three elements that make local Malaysian reluctant to take up those jobs, difficult, dangerous and dirty while construction or renovation is part of these categories. Acoustic contractor Malaysia suggest also to get bookshelves as the fighters against those noises emitted from your room or house while weatherstrip is also can be a good alternative that can be placed onto the door when residents prefer some natural cheap way to do so. In addition to these components, many homeowners are encouraged to also apply the ready furniture at the house as a barrier of noise.

Acoustic Ceiling Malaysia

Technically speaking pliable, soft and porous materials can be performed as acoustic insulation components such as cloths. On the other hand, harder, denser materials that are impenetrable will reflect most of the sound wave just like metal. Acoustic contractor in Malaysia quantifies sound absorption that is effective by its area that is covered by sound absorptive items. Vibration pads, green glue, sound clips, foam panel, soundproofing windows, sound insulating doors, foam mat, RC channel, acoustic mineral wool, high density polystyrene are examples that can act as noise control elements to building, with cost-effectiveness. Decoupling, mass addition are another two elements that contribute to the reduction in sound besides damping, absorption and distancing that have been mentioned. Some customers such as musicians, music creators, movie makers, social media idols, radio stations, interview recording rooms and many more might be required to enhance the room’s sound with the elimination of external noise factors. Acoustic contractor Malaysia has ways to improve the sound in the room through the reflectivity reduction, since sound waves are basically bouncing every single surface. In order to keep the bounce effect better, the wall shall hang something that can work in that way in addition to decorative purpose. Sound transmission class (STC) and sound insulation are always the benchmarks to rate how good the sound transmission as well as reduction of noise. Unit of measurement are dB (de- scribes in decibels) as sound reduction index or intensity of a sound and STC as blocking level of sound.

Acoustic Design Malaysia

Where to Get Acoustic, Sound Control and Noise Insulation Contractor in Malaysia

Aathaworld provides the services of design, supply of sound insulation material, installation, renovation, repair, maintenance, conversion, refurbishment as well as custom made carpentry works for all types of buildings, kind of rooms to purpose-oriented events, genset room, power plant house, palm oil mill, server room, parliament hall, concerts, functions, kid playing room, indoor playground, movie theatre, seminars, meeting room, training hubs, sport event, educative premise, factories, industrial plant, dancing studio, bookstore, cafe, library, singing room, food & beverage production floor, coldroom, music recording room, TV station, radio station, cleanroom, live-recording room, movie recording hall, talk show, drama performance hall, interview room, live show, internet celebrities live video room, KTV room, karaoke room, audio-metric testing room, classroom, restaurant, cafe, place of worship, an-echoic chamber, museum, memorial place, VIP lounge, airport, retail shop, entertainment lounge, private residential, hotel room, corporate office, gym, silencer, attenuator, equipment acoustic enclosure, sport hall, spa, sauna, wellbeing center, counselling room, hospital, clinic, music practice rooms, AV (Audiovisual) room, VC (Video Conferencing) room, primary school, secondary school, high school, colleges, universities, church, temple, mosque, surau, swimming pool, fish pond, lecture hall, sport arena, private hobby rooms, convention centre, dining room, fine dining place, canteen, vibration isolator, acoustic louvre, corridor, stairway, assembly hall, assembly plant, cinema, cafeteria, ball room, banquet hall, night club, pub, bar, reverberation room, waiting room, train station, auditorium, underground tunnel, basement car park, music room, mini home theater to other commercial usage including retail, heavy machinery, consumer goods, food, beverage, IT, electronic device and more sectors. We also offer design, consultancy, customize fabrication, supply and install of all range of booths, event, mall kiosks, functionable event setting, other residential, industrial and commercial types of carpentry jobs. As noise control and soundproof contractor in Malaysia, we will include from the materials specification from acoustic sub ceiling, absorptive ceiling, soundproof roof shingles, barrier mat, gypsum perforated, rockwool, gypsum perforated, acoustic window, decorative panel, acoustic door, fabric, floating floor, padded wall, diffuser, fibreglass, acoustic seal system, noise control roof, FRP, timber perforated, metal perforated, acoustic barrier mat, acoustic sub ceiling, acoustic carpet, acoustic vinyl, acoustic tile, acoustic movable partition, acoustic open cell foam, acoustic door, acoustic wall panel, acoustic roofing system. We do cover also heat insulation (thermal control), HVAC, music with lighting optimization supply and installation that cover KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as Sabah and Sarawak for East Malaysia. Enquire us also for projects in Southeast Asia (SEA)’s Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Bangladesh as well as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand to many more.

Submit your design, material sourcing and installation contracting, from simple temporary room to permanent building as well as other customized cushion, upholstery, woodworking and carpentry scope for new or existing building, upgrading or renovation for all range of industries to other indoor as well as outdoor kind of application in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor or other states in Malaysia. Submit your enquiry now to or call (WhatsApp) to +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays).

Acoustic Contractor Malaysia

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