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Asphalt is significant in road construction as a leading component, main fundamental element utilized in roofing and paving activities. Asphalt is used either by having further blending or refining, current world asphalt application is estimated more than 100 million tons a year. Statistic presented by bitumen supplier in Malaysia shows that nearly 90% of asphalt production is applied for road asphalt concrete mixture. It is also being utilized in other places including car parks, airport runways or footways. For those paved areas mentioned, asphalt concrete produced by bitumen supplier in Malaysia will involve coarse and fine aggregates such gravel, crushed rock, sand together with the asphalt that functions as bonding agent.

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Additionally, rubber from waste tyres will also be allocated into the bitumen to enhance the asphalt road properties, recycled polymer in rubber also act as an aggregate to concrete. Tyres was not really a preferred recycle material decades ago because it requires much efforts to extract its value, however, with technology nowadays, tyres become an easier recyclable element and subsequently cheaper as an additive to building materials, especially to asphalt supplier in Malaysia. Of course, tyre can also being used for other applications such as garden, green building in addition to process further into other materials including oils, carbon black, fuel gas, solid residue.

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Bitumen supplier Malaysia does also able to offer asphalt supplies to roofing usage, beside road construction, specifically to infrastructure industry. However, the percentage of world production for asphalt applied to roofing demand is only about 10% where the last category asphalt or bitumen is used for, made up of carpet tile, paint, pipe coating, waterproofing etc. These are only contributing approximately 5% of asphalt demands. Other usages of asphalt are for construction or industrial systems, structures, components and materials.

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The leading application of bitumen is utilized for road construction, it makes up more than 85% as per mentioned above. Road tar supplier in Malaysia claims that asphalt concrete pavement ratio is usually 95% aggregates such as gravel, sand and stone, together with 5% of asphalt cement. Heating is a must for gummy nature of bitumen so mixing works better with the other aggregate elements either on-site or off-site. Paving that is done by bitumen has also one advantage, which is recyclable through milling to remove the impaired or broken part from the surface.

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Bitumen supplier Malaysia can generally revitalize to pave onto new road from the removed worn material, especially the paved road sector has more than 90% made using asphalt or bitumen. Remove damaged road surface, recycling and reusing help to go green and mother earth, responsible to the environment is important nowadays.

Paving using asphalt concrete is also because it provides enhanced strength, solidity; it encourages simplicity in repairing and widening of road. That is why even bitumen is also one of the preferred materials for aircraft runway offered by bitumen supplier in Malaysia. At the same time, there are few other types of asphalts we wish to introduce, those are common varieties used in heavy industries.

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