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Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is providing timber and wood supply, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Our mission is to be leading timber and wood supplier in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of wood and timber supply in Malaysia. Of course, we can also supply many types of timber and wood in Malaysia which might be in different species, customized size, usage, finished timber and wood products.

Balau & Chengal

Balau is one of the popular tropical hardwood that is scarce and many countries like Malaysia has government intervention to ensure this endangered species is closely regulated. Balau supplier Malaysia has difficulty in dealing with this type without proper machinery, therefore, not everyone can work on this species. Whether it is being used as wall, ceiling, floor, façade or furniture, it requires nail or screw drilling so installation can be done with the hole created. This timber is having high density and at the same time it is heavy, durable too. Balau supplier in Malaysia says that it is very robust and water resistant, so it is highly suitable to be used in making bridge and dock. We are able to provide balau wood supply for different application such as construction heavy duty beams and columns, bridge construction, marine construction, plywood, railway sleepers, ship building (keels, keelsons, framework). At the same, the balau that we supply also can be applied for wharves and jetties, heavy duty pallets, telegraph posts and cross arms, posts, joists, rafters, timber piling, vehicle bodies, boat building, fenders, veneer, flooring, decking and outdoor furniture. Balau supplier Malaysia is capable to supply throughout KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia.

Balau Supplier Malaysia

One of the hot selling among contractors is the kayu batu (in English, known as red balau) where mainly supplied from southeast Asia country such as Malaysia. This timber presented in reddish-brown but will further turn into silverfish-grey upon exposure to various kind of weather. It has very low maintenance cost in accordance to Balau supplier in Malaysia, hence it is ideal to be used as decking due to its appealing outlook too. In order to keep the original colour, oil is a preferred coating as compared to sealant. Balau has high strength and it is nearly 4 times tougher than redwoods in the market. It is cheaper than many woods, high wood shrinkage resistant and splintering resistance after natural resin and oil being applied. Balau supplier Malaysia claims that it can resist fire as well as withstand adverse weather in extreme countries such as Africa.

Chengal Supplier Malaysia

Chengal, also known as cengal in most of countries; while its technical name is named specifically as Neobalanocarpus heimii. It is also a type fall under dipterocarp, a species that is addressed by Malaysia (West Malaysia). This wood can be obtained by chengal supplier in Malaysia in Thailand’s southern part too if shortage of supplies happened coincidentally. Its durability and strength made it park under the category of heavy hardwood, while most of the time also called as Malaysian teak. At the same time, Pasoh Forest Reserve that is located in Negeri Sembilan can find this chengal and it also grows in Pahang’s Krau Wildlife Reserve. Chengal tree can have an awesome height with more than sixty meters tall, steady and robust as per chengal supplier Malaysia’s claim. Chengal also can grow in group and when it is so, normally other tree species will be taking it as main canopy tree. Chengal can have a long life and one of the record found in Malaysia has an age of 1300 years (at least). Chengal supplier in Malaysia says that this species of wood has many advantages that cannot be found in other timber types.

Chengal Decking Supplier Malaysia

First, it can perform well in term of quality and durability when it is installed as, for instance, decking. It shows elegant and requires minimum maintenance and seldom to see chengal decking needs regular replacement. Furthermore, chengal supplier Malaysia can polish the decking with proper protective coating so it can perform well against severe environment such as weather, insect, water, chemical and more. Chengal looks amazing when it is well designed, coupled with proper pl