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Boutique hotels are becoming mainsteam over these few years. It works like a homestay and the interior usually has unique design that requires some of the best renovation contractor. Aathaworld Sdn Bhd has been the interior contractor for almost half a decade and boutique hotel design and contractor has been our specialty and our quality work has satisfied many of our clients. Boutuque hotel usually require a interior designer to prepare the design because it selling value is to be unique and aesthtic. The reason for boutique hotel to be so attractive also because of its design and able to suite different tenant needs. As one of the leading boutique contractor in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor Klang Valley of Malaysia we will share with you the few common component that should pay more attention when renovate and design.

Wall Partition Wall partition or wall panel is the major design for room and space. Using wall partition to the sectioning not only is a green product but also lighter and faster product to do partition. Partition work is popular in the office design because it can create a different theme of the room and provide more functionality for space. This idea goes the same to the boutique hotel as the extra room provides the different style and functionality able to fulfill more needs of the consumer. Although some designer prefers a no sectioning type of boutique room design in order to reduce the cost and troublesome but overall sectioning or doing partition for boutique hotel still the major stream for most of our works. Wall Partition can come in many types of material and this includes plasterboard, gypsum boards, drywall, glass, wood panels and etc. Some wall partition also uses bricks as the material to do wall and this was one of our upcoming trend that happening on many coffee shop design and as well as a boutique hotel.

Timber Wall Partition Timber wall partition is growing demand product for boutique hotel interior design because it is natural timber and its appealing presence; of course, due to the maintenance and availability in design, many might opt to go with artificial timber panel made by aluminum, PVC or other materials. Timber wall partition contractor in Malaysia is either a wood supplier, carpenter or they get it from another timber supplier in Malaysia for your project installation. Timber can release natural oxygen, cleans the air, kills the bacteria, mold, dirt, and dust in the air so many of client also agree to use timber as much as possible for its interior design especially timber wall. Malaysia is a tropical country which natural resource contains different timber types and hence, the architect loves to put timber cladding for the wall since its unique grain and colors might vary from different trees. Timber coating can be applied to these materials to prevent decay or white ant.

Flooring As for flooring us Aathaworld usually uses laminate flooring for our boutique hotel flooring. This is because laminate flooring can come in much variety from stone like surface to a wood texture or totally single tone color flooring also possible. Laminate flooring is also known as laminate floor or hardwood laminate floor, it comprises of multiple synthetic flooring product layers in order to achieve the special thickness and surface finishes. Laminate flooring supplier Malaysia will fuse these layers together through the lamination process, it is actually a simulation of wood or stone. Before clear protective layer is being applied, the stone or timber look photographic applique layer will be added on as the top of all the other layers. Laminate flooring supplier in Malaysia will include the inner core cover that made up of fiberboard and melamine resin materials.

The laminated floor has very high demand nowadays due to its key advantage such as its attractive classic hardwood surface while non-actual wood is being used. At the same time, laminated floor supplier Malaysia also claims that laminate flooring is easier for the installer to do the fixing when compared to other flooring products. Hence, it allows skill-less personnel can do the installation (Do-It-Yourself, DIY) by following the proper procedure set by the supplier (normally method statement or installation guide video will be shared to the consumer or can be found over online easily, since laminated floor installation is more likely standardized regardless of brand). However, laminated floor supplier in Malaysia will normally provide the installation service to ensure is longevity and correct pattern of installation.