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Civil Engineer and Contractor Malaysia

Civil engineering is a complicated and tedious task. Its application covers a lot of work ranging from planning to maintaining. It jobs usually related to infrastructure because its task is to ensure the safety and well-being when being used by the public and at the same time protecting and prolong the usage of infrastructure. At the early stage of human civilization, civil engineering already practiced for a long time. The system that practices civil engineering until now is the road, bridges, channels, irrigation, and water. Those mention works are the major things that a particular professional like civil engineer should maintain at all time to avoid chaotic issue such as erosion and over deforestation. Aathaworld Sdn Bhd was a company who do a lot of landscaping work and civil engineering is part of our aspect. Our civil engineering included planning, design, land survey, maintenance, and data analysis. A landscape is an important thing to practice civil engineering because without proper planning of changing the landscape or modified it would result in a disaster and money wastage such as erosion.

Geosynthetic Geosynthetic is one of the major products to use for civil engineering. Its usage is for terrain control and stabilization. It can be divided into few categories, such as geonet, geogrid, geofoam, geomembrane, geofoam, geosynthetic clay liner, geocomposite, and geocell. Though the product is related to technical requirement by a civil engineer, these exposable materials can be applied for the ground base if extremely high durability is needed. Geotextile is of the most common application since its usage is for filtration, separation