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Window coverings have large range and it includes drapes, curtains, blinds, shades and more. Basically its function is mainly to cover up the window that might be exposed to sunlight, rainwater, foreign objects as well as other potential viewers from the other side. Curtain supplier in Malaysia says that the curtains that they provide can offer a high level of privacy, weatherproof, decorative, shaded from unnecessary sunlights to security too. The main reason why security can be one of the advantages is because curtains block strangers who walk by your property and see what is inside the house. For instance, when thieves are not able to see what and who are in the house, they will be less likely to intrude that particular property since the security measurements cannot be evaluated properly. There are probabilities that the owner will install CCTV, security alarm, or even there are many people in the house. Curtain supplier Malaysia is able to supply roller blinds or drapes that are thick enough to completely shield the situation inside the house from the views of outsiders. In the office, it is also important for some management who have their own room installed with transparent windows to put on the blinds or other kinds of window coverings so these can be used when they need to have privacy. Privacy involved including having some VIPs visit for meeting, highly-focus on some work tasks, getting some things from the room’s safe box (during when they need to key in security code) or talking to some personal phone that might expose emotional expression over the conversation. Although there are ways that do not need curtain to be installed for privacy such as creating a faux stained glass window, contact paper covering to the glass, tall planters to block the view, spread gallery glass towards the window, line up bottles that are colourful along the window, frosted pattern being stenciled onto the glass, lace materials to be decoupaged onto the glass, get some pattern fabrics to obscure the glass, cut some shapes to install on the glass, cover the glass with window film, spray the vinyl outlook onto the glass’s surface, buying one-way glass window as last but not least, do not install transparent glass but it can still allow sunlight penetrating it.

Roller Blinds Malaysia

Curtain supplier in Malaysia usually can offer interior curtains but they are capable of providing it when there are circumstances where external side installation of window covering is needed. In addition to classical curtains, specialists also stock up venetian blinds such as aluminium, faux wood, wood and vinyl. The name of Venetian derived for this kind of blinds is due to its origin, started from Italy’s Venice that developed during the year of 1794. This is a type of blind that is manufactured using slats that are laid horizontally and it is an effective replacement to shutters and fabric curtains. Movable slats allow the opening towards internal or external, as well as closing it completely. According to curtain supplier Malaysia, the mechanism and parts of Venetian blinds are including the slat, lift cord, cord lock, ladder, bottom button, tilt and its slats sizes can be ranged from two inches, two and half inches to three inches. Another blind is called a mini blind, it is usually made by aluminium ranging from fifteen to twenty-five millimetres. This horizontal window blind is having a narrow and long slat that will be held together by strings. Many home or office users will opt for mini blinds too since it is actually a good performer in light-controlling. Regardless of mini or ordinary-sized window blinds sold by curtain supplier in Malaysia, there are a lot more advantages that can be enjoyed by users of the property including affordability, stylish, UV light blockage, energy saver, light controlling, safe and private. Nowadays, many building materials can go for a really fancy one including its textures, colours, tints, fabrics type, shades that are listed in wide options catering for a huge group of tastes.

External Venetian Blinds Malaysia

Compared to drapes, window blind is slightly more cost-effective including the faux wood blinds. Blinds are useful when it comes to harmful UV rays barrier roles, it can protect the tenants’ skin, eye and furniture. At the same time, the curtain supplier Malaysia says that the owner with a window blind is having lower electricity bills since this additional heat insulator can retain coolness of the house while blocking heat energy externally. Moreover, it plays another role as lighting adjuster and therefore saves up the usage of unnecessary special lighting when some rooms might just close up completely to block unnecessary strong light. Indirectly saying, lesser carbon dioxide emission happens and environmentally-friendly features can be achieved through using window blinds. Many parents worry about the safety of window blinds when kids are always at home to have fun around, but breakaway cord stops, retractable cords and cordless operation range of blinds are still made available in the market.

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