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Effective Tender Process | Construction & Engineering

Construction Tender Malaysia

Effective tender process for construction and engineering projects has to be working with proper partners on the whole supply chain, because it involves multiple parties’ efforts instead of just merely one company who leads the front end dealing with the customers. Most of the projects require vendors to quote beyond their scope and therefore involving third parties are usually a must for enhancing the quotability of the whole project’s list. The advantages of comprehensive engagement also consist of additional points that contractors should look for, since installation is a contractor's specialization but some are not reaching that level of standard if product technical supports such as presentation, sampling for mock up as well as other requested pre-tender to specify certain item, brand or installation. From the loyal supporters (in this case, the suppliers) at maximum sincerity, developers or owners of the project will have more confidence, as they will have some sort of pre-qualification to evaluate upfront.

Project Tender Malaysia

Further action is needed whenever project owners want product or service presentation afte