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Emergency & Backup Plan | Building & Plant

Building Emergency Malaysia

Building emergency is similar to factory or plant one, such as electricity trip, shortage of resources, flood, fire or other occurrences of events. These events can happen under expected and unforeseeable planned circumstances, some rehearsal can be forecasted and practised in advance, creating no severe chaos to the tenants and users of the building and factory. In the meantime, we shall also be not neglecting the cause of why some scenarios would have been triggered, making interruptions in the workplace as well as the daily life of tenants. In order to work smoothly on how operators can execute nicely even when an emergency or urgent condition is imposed on their routine, they must always be briefed and trained on various potential solutions that can be specifically targeted on certain particular challenges. These require many conditioned hypotheses upfront before actual things pop out to the executives, normalizing it so they would not feel panic and subsequently can cure the situation much better than untrained personnel. Safety officers or quality control departments are those who provide such seamless education to newcomers of each role so they know how and what to do.

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