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Aathaworld is your preferred home office contractor in Malaysia who can turn your sweet home to office, enabling office setup within the house despite of soho, studio, condominium, apartment, serviced apartment, bungalow, semi-detached house, terrace, duplex, townhouse, single storey, double storey, dual key residence, shoplot to any sofo and sovo. There are many types of office that can be renovated into home-feeling and the other way round. Major benefits of working from home or home-based office are including cozy clothes, no commuting, money-saving, customized environment, flexible schedule, convenient in making calls, zero office distractions, knocking off some to-do’s on weekends too. Another part of the views for these disadvantages are security concerns where a sense of belonging is not there if every employee works remotely without teammates, making them lack in communication, community, culture’s difference, lower in productivity, retention, reliability, accountability and logistics (applicable in certain industries, including payment challenges). However, home office contractor Malaysia counters these cons of home based offices might be valid in the scenario where the team is big but still everyone works remotely.

Home Office Design Malaysia

Therefore, we should focus on the benefits of working at a home-based office from the perspectives of freelancers, small teams or teams that gathered all in a house which has been designed to an office. The trends of the past decades have been switching from classical offices in which every company has their own sole office building or unit to a co-working office where open-concept to multiple enterprises. With the conveniences of virtual meeting, technology-based working software, infrastructural establishment such as internet speed, wide coverage, online banking as well as other communication softwares; working from home while maintaining optimal business dealing internally and externally are possible then. Home office contractor in Malaysia has another very solid selling point also due to the global health crisis in which shared offices might be in risk to users of the coworking place, such as COVID-19, SARS, MERS and many more public hygiene problems globally. At the same time, open-based offices might have challenges in shared facilities usage such as meeting room, pantry, dining place, projector, drinking water refiller, cleanliness of toilet, washing basin, public common places and more. It is then turning into potential argument between tenants and landlord, these are not healthy to emotional health and consequently affecting the enterprises’ operations. In fact, the market of freelancers and Small-and-Medium Enterprise (SME) is huge in Malaysia and other countries in the globe. According to home office contractor Malaysia, this country is ranked 15th in terms of numbers of freelancers compared to all countries in the world. The statistic is as high as forty-five thousands from freelancers hiring platform,; while the market that has yet to be captured is about three-hundred thousands in addition to about nearly seven thousands employers out of the forty-five thousands. Furthermore, SMEs consist of nearly ninety-nine percent of all establishments for businesses in Malaysia, representing another huge market segment.

Innovative Home Office Malaysia

There are plenty of advantages by making home your office, because it will ease the financial and time burden of all employees and entrepreneurs. This is pretty simple, as per shared by a home office contractor in Malaysia, due to the distance travelling is now no longer needed. In cities, there are always traffic jams whereas commuting in a car will definitely cost time and petrol while also releasing more carbon to the environment. Hence, without the need to drive the car, time is definitely saved and can use the savings to do more work. Furthermore, less stress can be achieved as workers are no longer wasting their most productive time in the morning, specifically in the heavy traffic jam. Of course, there are people who take public transport such as bus, train, shared car (grab, uber, mycar, myteksi and etc.), to even carpool. Regardless of which options, it still requires waiting time, from the train platform, bus station as well as in the traffic jam. Without a doubt, the chances of getting your foot walk are lesser and indirectly burning less calories compared to an ordinary transportation to office. Moreover, a morale booster indirectly could happen due to cutting on the commute, getting a parking (sometimes working in an office tower or shopping mall are challenging in big cities).

Home Office Malaysia

Home office contractor Malaysia claims that by working from home, or home-based office, the colleagues between departments can tend to have quicker and shorter chatting and making themselves put more time onto their routine works. Imagining you are listening to your own music either using earphones or through a speaker, you can make yourself at highest productivity without interference such as colleague’s conversation through loud phone calls, discussion noise and more. Also, employees will tend to work longer hours daily because they are straight in office when they wake up and more productive by at least thirteen percent according to statistics. Tendency of having lesser meetings and appointments are higher, work-life balance can happen while some companies allow kids to be side-by-side with the parents while working from home. Home office contractor in Malaysia has experiences and feedback from their customers saying that the team might just work at the timing that fits to their optimum biological clock, some people work the best during the day and some might be the other way round, in the evening. Putting jokes aside, but still a lot of ladies prefer to work from home because they can save the headache of picking up the clothes, making up and more. Employers can save costs in paying office rental, office supplies, office snacks (including IBM saves about USD 100 million per annum after they have started the remote-work program). More to the point, happier employees with higher retention rates through better loyalty as other companies might even be jealous of that. Additionally, employees feel less likely to be burned out, spending more time with families, making sick leave lesser, the need for a vacation is the least. Home office contractor Malaysia mentions with technology, it is easier than before when employers need to manage the remote team, hire the best team (because the one you want to hire can be from every single part of the world, India’s IT specialist, China’s content writer to North American’s customer service). Better branding to attract talents can be built, local market’s amazing insights can be seen and still, can do a teleconference as well as annual to monthly face-to-face meetings are possible to be organized too.

Work from Home Malaysia

Where to Get a Home Office Renovation Contractor in Malaysia

We are able to do from architectural design, interior design, submission, supply, build different types of renovation work scope including roofing, wall, flooring, facade, interior, exterior, small to big home and office projects for commercial, residential, industrial plant and factory, supply and installation of office furnitures, renovation project, commercial buildings, shoplot, office, home renovation, office refurbishment, design and build architect, contractor in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as Sabah and Sarawak for East Malaysia. In some circumstances, our office materials and services can also support overseas countries especially Southeast Asia (SEA) countries such as Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Bangladesh as well as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. As building materials, interior and home-office contractor services comprise of various varieties, we are able to do more than what we have mentioned previously. Consult us also for your semi-D, bungalow, factory to shop lot, landscape, hardscape, facade system project supply and installation in Malaysia and other regions today at or call (WhatsApp) to +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

Home Office Contractor Malaysia

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