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Home Renovation Malaysia

Renovation is a common method for upgrade or maintenance to many fellow Malaysian in order to upkeep their house and also ensure their house is presentable from time to time. It is also an important aspect for the investor if they wish to retain or higher resale value for their property. To ensure your house is durable and presentable then you must pay attention to the basic renovation key aspect which is design. A good house design will make your house presentable, comfort spacing and also cost saving. A good design does not guarantee a good lifestyle but a bad design will definitely make you suffer for years. To ensure the design carry out smoothly and accordingly a good collaboration between contractor and designer is a must. Aathaworld has worked very closely with our panel designer for many years and delivers job always up to par of our designer. Without good collaboration, the design will always be a design that can become true.

Ceiling Design Malaysia

Ceiling Design Good interior design starts from the ceiling. The height of the ceiling is always important as the too high ceiling would feel empty and not energy saving and too low ceiling will feel the confined place and insufficient place to put accessories. A suspended ceiling is always a good choice for many plaster ceilings. The plaster ceiling is a very versatile product and is not just meant for the ceiling but also for partition wall. The board is very flexible and easy to cut to shape product which is why many manufacturers produce it has a constant shape. Plasterboard can be easily joined together and a white stucco or skim coat would able to cover the joint and the painting cost is very inexpensive. A major advantage of it does have any chance for a crack to appear. And even if there are repair and maintenance is fairly easy and cheap. To design a room with customizing plaster ceiling is always a good choice and design favorable. Some new product like the 3d plaster ceiling is carved to a designated shape and plac