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Industrial Gearbox Contractor Malaysia | New & Repair

Industrial Gearbox Malaysia

Aathaworld can supply, install new gearboxes as well as repair and maintenance for the existing industrial gearbox that is used in your production factory or plant. Gearbox is also known as the transmission, function as a machine for the system of transmitting the power to also act as a controlled application. Industrial gearbox contractor in Malaysia needs to also clarify that the one they can supply and install usually is for heavy industries instead of automotive since the general public has more awareness in their motor vehicles’ gearbox where they are sent to workshops for maintenance and replacement. Furthermore, this transmission is also being applied for pedal bicycles, fixed machines and more. Gears are actually discoverable in almost every mechanism, from your home alarm clock to the car you are driving, it functions as a supportive torque since the fast spinning of a motor is sufficient to power up for any device. There are also many other places where we can find gearboxes, such as conveyors, industrial equipment, machines, tools or others. Industrial gearbox contractor Malaysia says the inventor for the first automatic gearbox was Alfred Horner Munro who was born in Canada. He had the gearbox patent in 1929, 1924 and 1927 respectively in the countries of Canada, United Kingdoms and United States. However, for synchromesh transmission wise, Earl Avery Thompson was the one who discovered it in 1919 and subsequently introduced by Cadillac when 1928 was arrived.

Gearbox Maintenance Malaysia