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Light Tower Supplier Malaysia | Purchase and Rental

Diesel Portable Light Tower Malaysia

Aathaworld is able to supply light tower either through rental or actual sale to users ranging from developer, main contractor, sub-contractor, dealer to other group of buyers. Light towers having one or more high-intensity electric lamps and a mast, can be categorized to mobile equipment for the construction industry. Mast is attaching the light while it will be installed on a trailer that comes with a genset (generator set) for the light to be electric-powered. Genset is usually engined with diesel type, while the lamps are ordinarily metal halide bulbs. Of course, genset is not the only power source for the light tower. There are several other powers too including solar, hydrogen and battery. In the market, there is another kind of electrodeless lamps lighting for light towers available in the dealer’s range of products. Light tower supplier in Malaysia is able to offer the special modular kits, these allow each of the components to be separated, from mast, light, trailer and generator set; there is also an inflatable mast for another version. Inflatable mast will be used and making the light placement is closer to the ground with mast-reflector attachment. Inflatable mast can serve as the diffuser (known as balloon) whenever requirement of softer lighting is there. Wide range of industries in addition to the construction sector will apply light towers, such as sport, agriculture, demolition, oil refining, mining field, motion picture production and emergency services; making light towers are having bigger market demand.

Balloon Lights Malaysia

Rugged or remote areas that are having tough situations where harsh weather, road condition, low visibility or sightedness will need to use light towers. Mobility, easy application, portability are those main advantages belonging to lighting equipment of this type. Rescue team who needs to do life search after disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and a lost person at mountain, requires lighting equipment supplied by light tower supplier Malaysia. There are also other applications such as railway repair, construction of bituminous roads, airport lighting, resorts, construction sites, properties, oil drilling refineries, hotels, exhibitions, stadium and many more. The light bulbs of lighting towers are very high intensity and capable to support a wide area without shadow creation. If sufficient fuel or battery is there, an uninterrupted power supply can always be existed during an emergency scenario. Wind turbine, bridge, highway tunnel, military base construction make light tower application so useful and its efficiency measuring parameters set by consultants shall be aware of by purchasers or site managers before confirming the order with suppliers. At the same time, light tower supplier in Malaysia does offer the unit pole with a robust fixture as well as its durability is extremely high to withstand extreme weather, coupled with the movable trailer that can work well for unstable road condition. Light tower needs to make itself workable in all range of challenging environments in wide industrial sectors, for workers and other machineries to get their projects done as per the planned timeline. Indoor and outdoor environments can be low-lit conditions and revolunized of this light tower make tricky and troublesome working conditions possible to many workers from rushing construction sites to life-rescuing missions.

Power sources of electricity for the light tower are definitely important, the base that holds up the light tower defines what type it is and mostly made up of bigger and heavier trailers. Light tower supplier Malaysia introduces that there are several kinds of powered light towers, where internal combustion engine-powered models one are commonly used in the construction sites and other heavy duty applications because it can be durable with sufficient diesel while maintaining highest outputs of all among the others. Battery-powered can be coupled with solar-powered units because it can store solar power generated during day time where sunlights are available, however, it can be built with standalone batteries too as backup since some sites might not have access to unblocked shelter, weak sunlight or in the forest. Smaller portable lighting carts have a shorter mast, smaller base permits the movement with the absence of vehicle’s apparatus hitching. Maximum mast height and output of wattage for a good light system are points where a buyer will have to evaluate when choosing the light tower capabilities and coverage. Many other considerations in choosing the right light tower but the previous two points are the key main one to look at.

Light Tower Supplier Malaysia

Light tower supplier in Malaysia has to make sure the operational cost and maintenance level must be low enough to attract contractors or other customers to purchase. However, there are many users who choose to rent it such as the contractors in the building industry when projects are there. The reason is pretty simple, because the maintenance cost and depreciation value can be in charged by the vendors. It is all about ongoing fuel expenditures, potential other upcoming overheads upon purchase as well as the equipment acquisition cost. Solar panel and battery-powered lighting tower can assist in cost reduction but the maintenance frequency, applicable life expectancy factors should be allocated into the ownership’s cost in total for better and clearer picture when buyers arrive at the junctionary of such purchase. According to light tower supplier Malaysia, trailer model or the small cart kind of light tower is definitely the top choice for tiny construction, indoor application, or when the unit needs to be moved constantly. While harsh environments such as mega construction projects will need to pick up those that can withstand dusty, high potential foreign damage and crazy climates.There are other factors to be considered such as fuel capacity, rescue and search teams might acquire units that can last them for longer journeys as well as duration so they will have sufficient time allowance to execute their works. Strong winds and potential other foreign damages externally might cause the light tower to fall or blow and damage workers or the other equipment, buildings or assets of job sites; hence, it is important to pick one with better stability.

Light Tower for site Malaysia

Environmentally friendliness is extremely important for today’s environment because the fluid containment system offered by most of the lighting tower equipment suppliers must meet at least hundred-and-ten percent of the crankcase oil and fuel in the light tower. This is to carry out the prevention of spilling as well as the subsequent environmental damage. Furthermore, light tower supplier in Malaysia offers mostly either LED lamps or metal halide. The key differences of both of them are metal halide light takes a few minutes to reach full brightness, LED is having higher costs to acquire upfront compared to metal halide but they require lesser power to light-up. When the time is crucial, LED is more suitable since it can be switched on and off in a very short time while it is brighter, lasts longer and it's very concentrated light makes the job site’s specific area work better. Time of setting up the light tower that causes lesser downtime is important as well as horizontal mast light towers are more complicated to be set up compared to vertical mast towers. Based on experienced light tower supplier Malaysia shares that, industrial light tower has very essential features to view at, these are the size of genset and the physical unit size when we need the light tower to be able to go into limited job space, keeping it into a safety storage place and ease of transporting it. Wider equipment is having a more stabilized body, making it easier to be towed while narrow one is having better compaction.

Solar Light Tower Malaysia

Where to Get Light Tower Supplier for Sale and Rental in Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a comprehensive light tower supplier Malaysia that supplies various types of light tower types, from solar, battery, diesel-generator to other of its accessories for your applications. We deliver different brands and customizable specifications that can be used to residential, industrial and commercial purposes. We provide maintenance services and its accessory products such as transformers, light bulb, generators, electric motor, solar panel, mast, switchgear accessories and many other electrical products to complete your light tower, or other electrical system that generates, distributes and utilizes electrical lighting power efficiently. As a light tower supplier in Malaysia, we are able to provide you consultancy, customized proposal and guidance of operating light tower to your site works for your project covering newly constructed buildings, repair and maintenance works, emergency, pipeline, marine, construction, oil and gas, powerline, substation construction, mining, factory, to other industrial projects in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as Sabah and Sarawak for East Malaysia; in some circumstances, we are also able to be your supplier and subcontractor for other countries in Southeast Asia (SEA) such as Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Bangladesh as well as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

Light Tower Malaysia

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