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Lighting Pole Supplier Malaysia | Street & Utility Pole

Lighting Street Pole Malaysia

Pole is usually referred to as a lighting street pole, utility pole, telecommunication monopole, electric pole, decorative pole, traffic pole, camera pole, mining light pole, high mast, mid-hinged collapsible pole, oil and gas pole. Lighting poles are also called a street lamp, street light, lamppost, light pole, lamp standard or light standard that are installed on the pathway or road’s edge to provide the light source to the road users. During the booming of countries that are classified as developed or fast-growing as developing nations, power distribution makes the urban electricity available everywhere in accordance with lighting pole supplier in Malaysia. Streets of those urbanized areas have been covered by these poles with lighting, to brighten up the routes of anywhere. There are many reasons why street lighting needs to be installed even though the infrastructure costs might be requiring a high budget from the overall financial plan of the nation, including its periodic maintenance. First of all, with the properly installed lighting pole, most of the unnecessary traffic accidents can be prevented, especially car-to-human, car-to-car, human-to-car, vehicle-to-building and other possibilities. Darkness will definitely cause more fatalities and crashes when there are pedestrians involvement and research has shown that up to half or fifty percentages. Lighting pole supplier Malaysia says the invention and mass production of this has prevented millions to billions of lives from the exposure to original unavoidable risk to death.

Telecommunication Monopole Malaysia

There are so many factors that can cause the injuries and deaths on the road, followed by human factors, personnel error, malfunction of the vehicles including systems and engines, maintenance or upkeep deficiency, hazardous environment such as birds, volcanic ash or weather. Of course, there are also other causes that make accidents happen, including traffic light malfunction, drunk driving, tiredness of drivers, distraction of passengers, phone calls, text messages or the rude driving skills. However, the first and most basic factor that will become the critical cause would be driving in the dark without light. Lighting pole supplier in Malaysia does also encourage drivers to always take note of the switching on of their car’s headlight, signal light, brake light and more to function well before starting the journey at night. There is no harm to do a double security check, just in case any of the light poles malfunction or perhaps the short circuits of electricity that make the power up of lighting no longer exist. Many developing or underdeveloped countries are still facing challenges whereby not every urban or rural road has a proper lighting pole. Even if they do have, the chances of malfunction due to deficiency in maintenance caused by tight budget or negligence might be there. Lighting pole supplier Malaysia says that usually the lamp pole will be very sustainable and requires low maintenance needs, except for the inferior quality pole being purchased in order to save costs for the budget.

Street Lighting Supplier Malaysia

There are so many parties involved to do the testing and commissioning, from the production factory, after installation and also during regular maintenance. Typically speaking, there are at least twenty years of service life for a general luminary while even for a highly degraded environment, the item can last at least ten years without major overhaul. At the same time, poles are not about to have major repairs or parts replacement for forty years or at least half when exposed to environments that are in high degrading condition. Mast arms itself would have approximately twenty-five years in its expected service life based on the experience of lighting pole supplier in Malaysia. Nevertheless, these are very subjective to which brand to buy, from which country of origin and price of the purchase based on specification. There are good products out there in the market, whereas the pole can be as long lasting as up to seventy-five years, allowing more than seven decades of not being replaced without any big issue. Decorative poles can have expected long life spans too and usually most of the poles can be going through a galvanization process, or process that is known as HDG (Hot-Dipped Galvanized). Lighting pole supplier Malaysia will ensure the installation by contractor will be nicely done besides the production quality by manufacturers or by themselves (if they are also the producer, not merely distributor or trader).

Utility Pole Malaysia

There are also several other good-to-know facts about the poles, these are the length of street lamps and the distances between the placement intervals. First and foremost, the height of the street light pole shall be maintained at approximately nine to fourteen feets in order to ensure the density of lighting is being provided appropriately. For example, the luminous efficacy (En) is 20 Lumen per single Watt and area to be illuminated (A) is supposed to be about an unit of square meter, while the level of illumination needed to be six lux per meter square. Street pole supplier in Malaysia mentions that approximately one thousand six hundred lumens can be provided by an incandescent bulb that is one hundred watt. Further to the point of the measurement of one hundred watt of light bulb can actually have one thousand six hundreds of lux. Anyhow, the United States has come up with their energy efficiency rules of requirement since the beginning of 2012, making the producers no longer manufacture one hundred watt of light bulbs. There are some guidelines to the average height for the street lamp, making the height of pole highly depending on lighting conditions, street type, fixture kind, area to be installed and owner. Street pole supplier Malaysia shares that the lamp post shall be ranging from eight to fifty feet and in terms of meters, shall be the value of 2.4 meters to 15.2 meters. High mast is when the street lamp post is higher than 15.2 meters or fifty feet and this is a light pole that is tall to point onto the ground.

Many will use high-mast lighting for non-highway application or even to ground field of recreation, where it is usually applied for super huge areas. There are several advantages of using high mast such as the cost of interchanges are cheaper since the conduit is less complex and it requires lesser poles, indirectly having the least fixtures. Depending on the usage, street pole supplier in Malaysia would recommend conventional type of lighting when the height of lamp standard is not so much on height for taller than fifty feet to more than at least double of it. While the maintenance for high mast lighting can be done with the least risk involvement for highly-crowded areas or traffic on the road but, lane closure, cone, sign board will be required when servicing a traditional lighting post in the city. Moreover, there are many concerns to be thought of before going for installation of lighting pole types, from the conjunction risk, maintenance of the lighting system, upfront costs difference to overall budget, distance between residential places, airport’s proximity and future relocation plans when roadway upgrading is needed. Despite that, both can also act as crime reducers and lowering risks for accidents by providing unobstructed brightness to the ground users. Street pole supplier Malaysia works together with a lot of project owners that might require them to advise or input on their products whether decorative items or banners of commemorative, as well as advertisement boards can be installed as these are the norms of many cities and around buildings or highways for additional functions.

Street Lamp Malaysia

Where to Get Street Lamp and Pole Supplier in Malaysia

Enquire today for your steel tower, rail pole, PCC pole, steel pole, wooden pole, RCC pole, FRP pole (Fibreglass pole), iron pole, aluminium alloy pole, lightweight pole, cement pole or more for road pole and lighting requirement. The pole of street involved a lot of processes in the manufacturing, including cutting of material, bending, welding together and suppliers can usually do grinding, repair, reshaping, grading, galvanizing, spraying and other necessary works such as checking and commissioning. There are possibilities to be inquired in the market products which are related to road infrastructure such as handrail, guardrail, drainage gutter, pedestrian walkway materials, precast kerb, road kerbs (road curbs), precast drainage, road protective equipment. Aathaworld does also road furnitures consisting of lighting poles, barrier block, road sign board, awning or cover for bus shelter, fabrication of cone and crash barrier that can be installed for industrial factories, hub or community, residence place, mountain route for hiking or sloppy area, jungle, highway and commercial areas. As a utility pole supplier in Malaysia, we do cover areas such as KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as Sabah and Sarawak for East Malaysia. Furthermore, places can be covered include projects in Southeast Asia (SEA) countries, these are Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Bangladesh as well as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, we wish to supply your road materials, bitumen, tack coat, hot mix, crushed stone coldmix, tar, asphalt, carbon black, prime coat, quarry and more. Send in your enquiry for projects in Malaysia and more regions today at or call (WhatsApp) to +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

Street Pole Supplier Malaysia

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