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Machinery, equipment or any system customization is very subjective to the engineering consultant or designer of the production to do their best to specify so the builder or also known as the constructor will follow what will be intended to be fabricated within their facility. For example, the most common one would be the conveyor system for a warehouse or any manufacturing plant that is required for factory owners to transit raw materials, semi-finished goods, parts to components for their manual or automated line to carry out the works. Therefore, it is best if the plant owner can organize a meeting between all these parties made up of several specializations. Consultants and contractors normally will be separated out to make sure independence, but if they are from the same enterprise, advantages can also be enjoyed as they are able to deliver seamless communication internally within the team and externally with other stakeholders of this project. Hence, it is essential for the owner to enter into the contractual agreement and also having a mutual understanding with the chief project head for their setup.

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To make it hassle-free and maximizing the level of seamless coordination, proper schedule and job responsibilities shall be erected at the upper front, to prevent future arguments where finger-pointing issues will occur. Furthermore, not a lot of suppliers are capable to do a certain portion of your job, the main designer for your civil and structural as well as head of engineering who take up the mechanical and electrical role for bringing in the gap into closer distance among all. Working back-to-back to do customization of the production process is not as easy as we think and it makes the owner liable for whatever consequences caused due to misarrangements. Steel fabrication, on the other hand, should be also keen to explore the details of many intervals within the processing plant. Usually, production has much equipment that is manufactured by metal and specifically steel. The finishing of those surfaces can be either hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) or leaving it as just mild steel.

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Just to make the picture clears for many factory builders, there are possibilities that you can be engaging an EPCC contractor, which EPCC stands for engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning. This player is awesome to exist in many industries because they are able to utilize all resources they are having to complete your job. Many of them will have professional engineers in C&S, M&E, specific equipment or equivalent experts hired internally for their company’s contract or long-term externally with key partners who have cooperated quite some time with them. To complete a project, teamwork and trust are important, hence, the synchronization of value in working and planning shall be aligned. Moreover, the main contractor (which can be EPCC or just C&S in charge) is also enabling the owner to pay progressively based on work claim, although many plant setup has some sorts of bank facilities, grants, incentives or beneficial terms from other financial as well as non-financial institutions.

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