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Powder coating is a method that uses a dry powder to apply on a metal surface by charging it with electrostatic. Upon completing the spray on the surface, it will require heating to dissolve the polymer to attach to the item surface and get cured. Powder coating can also be used on other surfaces such as wood and PVC but would require the material to withstand the heat during the curing process. Powder coating is a very fast method compare to the classic method such as paint and lamination methods. The coating is able to last very long and perform the same on bending and moving the object. Unlike paint, it would easily peel off or cracking after long exposure of vibration and moving. Which is why most of the car in the market, their body kit, rims, and other steel parts is all coat with powder coating. It can also perform very well on the item with lots of joint and uneven surfaces. Using paint or lamination would be very hard to coat on every part so using powder coating would be much more flawless and stronger abrasion-resistant. Aathaworld supply different types of powder coating for different applications so inquire us your project to let us provide you the best option.

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Metal Roof Powder coating Metal Roof is the most common component to get powder coat protection and coloring. The metal roof is usually produced from steel and aluminum. The steel provides extra strength for the roof will aluminum provides extra protection against the weather. Usually, the material used is already sufficient to provide protection for the roof but in order to make it last much longer and able to walk on it or adding extra equipment such as solar ventilation on it than adding powder coating is very recommended. Powder coating will help provide extra protection on the roof when applied nail and better heat reflection during the hot day. Powder coating is also very good at the fast installation where you need your protection fast and lesser labor cost. Even during the refurbishment process, a simple recoating the metal roof would complete it very easily without the requirement of clearing the old coat. Aathaworld has many years of experience in providing metal roof powder coating so enquire us for your material requirements and we will able to provide you a quality result.

Aluminium Composite Panel Malaysia

Aluminium Composite Panel and Wall Cladding Powder coating Aluminium composite panel is another famous product to be powder coated for its extra abrasion-resistant and also color retention. An aluminium composite panel is constantly used as a wall decoration, especially for modern building exterior walls. The surface of the ACP is extremely smooth and has very good insulation properties to reduce the energy usage of building to keep its temperature. It also provides better acoustic insulation for the building to keep the noisy environment from entering the building. It s usual thickness is around 3mm to 4mm thick which is very lightweight for a building to certified with Green Building. The powder coating provides extra heat reflection on the surface to deflect heat from entering the building as well. It can also be used on internal building to provide a much more lightweight and presentable wall. It can be easily cut to any size to fit in any modern office and building design. The aluminum composite panel is usually powder coated for its color and extra texture so to know more about the possible design please inquire Aathaworld for more info.

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Window and door frame powder coating Another good thing about powder coating is its flexibility of coating. Unlike pant and lamination require a very big space to imprint the pattern and color but for powder coating even a tiny edge and complex shape able to coat and color very easily. A pressure gun is charged with electrostatic is used to help in coloring the surface quicker. The painting would be very slow on the complex surfaces and also must be zero mistakes during the process. Cleaning a paint would require certain chemicals to remove the paint whereas powder coating is very easily to remove before curing. A simple windblast or dusting would clean it off easily. Like a door frame and window frame that contains a lot of edges and joint is very hard to apply full coating using paint. Furthermore, paint will easily create an uneven surface and not even coloring. However, using powder coating would remove the stated issue and able to increase the scratch-resistant of the frame too. Powder coating is extremely low in VOC so using it on a frame and during the installation would not have much unpleasant smell. Window and door frame can be a powder coat with a different pattern and design some even able to mimic the concrete wall color itself. Powder coating is extremely customizable and can be come with different layer of color so inquire a professional like Aathaworld to view some sample incre