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Project design is important, from residential, commercial and industrial types of the building would require the owner, contractor or any associate who is in charge and responsible with, to put on the proper format of layout, design plan, drawing to follow the standard procedures for submitting to authority. The authority here might also mean to be authorities, as it will usually involve various department or governmental units that are managed by even different minister’s offices. Putting these into an elevated perspective, under departmental administration would have a better-regulated system to govern the development, in order to ensure professionalism can be maintained too. Why say so is because when it has to be cross-checked by a different standard, culture, working method of a team in these setups, the tendency of going wrong will be dramatically reduced in its probability, at least.

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Furthermore, it seems essential to engage with the professional team for your hassle-free submission to authorities since it involves legal obligation that might be offending to any law if we do not conduct a proper process that at the end make construction being completed without appropriate design that is allowable at the site. It is also good to appoint them as consultants, from preliminary studies in terms of costing, planning of materials, sub-contractors service, specification to the actual installation of these building components to be applied or installed with the correct methodology. Especially to house owners who wish to design and build on vacant land that is normally convertible, if at any situation that original land title was proposed for another usage that is set by the town planning department. For instance, a commercial title for hotel, agriculture land for palm oil plantation to the residential purpose for your ideal bungalow project. Putting the right resources in the right place is the basis of any kick-start.

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Anyhow, there were assumptions that these appointments of a qualified architect, engineer, designer, safety officer, draftsman, technical advisor or all kinds of professionals are expensive; it could be a mind-changing event after you did some research on the true facts since it will save you from a lot of difficulties or potential unwanted troubles. First of all, if you are starting as a small developer or operating a commercial enterprise based on the original plan put up into the picture overall in the beginning, you wish to get your return of investment (ROI) that is promised to your shareholders, partners or investors realized before that duration is given. It might affect the commitment and affect your cash flow if your properties could not be sold or ordinary operation to run the businesses cannot be commenced. Most importantly, anything dealing with safety and health will trigger further action that can be charged by stakeholders, besides the authorities we have mentioned before all these.

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Project Design, Build and Operation Approval Submission in Malaysia

Contact us today, from sourcing your right land to development. As our team or supply chain of stakeholders are able to do the joint venture with the land owner, service offerers, financial packager, funding provider, materials providers to certain components as subcontractors for your infrastructure, commercial or property development program. We can include our design, engineering, construction materials supply, building items installation, upgrading, demolishment, reverse re-engineering, renovation, green building development, self-sustaining, energy efficient building, new project, old building refurbishment for all kinds of projects as well as plants. Cover up to the extent that for example the types of projects like residential, terrace, bungalow, semi-detached house, university, hospital, medical center, semi-D, library, school, coworking, estate property,