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Polyurethane Coating Contractor Malaysia

PU Coating has also known as Polyurethane protective coating that usually found on much waterproof application. This is because PU is a thermosetting polymer which would not melt at hot temperature or crack on cold temperature. This allows it to have superior weather-resistant and able to serve for a long period of time.PU coating is easily applied on a different surface such as wood, tile, concrete, ceiling panel, wall, swimming pool, flooring, etc. PU coating is always compared with other similar protective coatings such as acrylic and epoxy. In general, PU has the extra advantage when applying on high traffic flooring because it has better movement absorption compare the other two application. An acrylic coat would be an alternative when a better UV protection is required and epoxy coat would be recommended if it's not constantly exposed to food chemical or heavy-duty flooring is required. Whichever coating you choose, you can never tell it easily since every polymer coating can come in different specification and functionality so the best solution is to consult with your coating specialist such as Aathaworld Sdn Bhd to choose your coating required.

Polyurethane Coating Malaysia

Polyurethane Coating for flooring and roof The most common application of polyurethane coating is the flooring. Polyurethane coating is performed very well on water-resistant and weather resistance. A common application such as concrete flooring and roof is always polyurethane coating due to its long term existing in the coating market and well known by many contractor and applicator. Polyurethane coating is easy to install and does not require extensive s