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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) | Artificial Intelligence (A.I)

Robotic Process Automation Malaysia

RPA, is also the abbreviation of Robotic Process Automation that defines a technology which enables configuration of computer software or any relevant robotic or “robot” to integrate human interaction, emulating it within the system in the form of digital for the business processes execution. Software robotics or robot software is a framework that comprises instructions that are presented in a set, these commands coded using program or software to get an electronic device or mechanical system to carry out certain series of tasks (or sometimes only a single repetitive task). Autonomous tasks will be performed by robotic process automated systems, such as response triggering effects, various subsequent tasks that are repeated through programmed interpretation. They will be known as artificial intelligence or even called as digital workers by some industries, since the purpose of it is to ease the burden or supplement repetitive work load of humans. The level of intelligence is often referred to the comprehensive depth of data used to generate the automation, its chains of instructions with different ranges of scenarios.

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