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SPC Flooring Malaysia

Aathaworld is your preferred SPC flooring supplier and contractor Malaysia, we can do supply and install for your flooring using SPC vinyl floor. Many people might be confused about SPC and WPC vinyl floor in which SPC vinyl flooring is very similar to WPC vinyl, whereas SPC stands for stone plastic composite and it is definitely a type of vinyl flooring. This kind of engineered luxury vinyl is able to combine stabilizer and limestone just like the WPC vinyl in order for the creation of an extremely durable core to be formed. Since SPC vinyl is made up of these materials and it is actually resistant to dent, highly stable, structurally strong and most importantly, 100% waterproof instead of just normal water resistant. SPC vinyl has few core layers and these main items are underlayment, this layer able to reduce the sound while adding extra softness to the floor; however, not all SPC vinyl floors are attached with this softening part and therefore it must be viewed carefully before confirming the order. SPC flooring supplier in Malaysia has also emphasized on the top coating or wear layer of the vinyl floor, this is the layer which will be made transparent. The function of the toppest layer is made for the resistance against stain and scratch. The subsequent layer underneath to the first one is the vinyl top coat, this thin vinyl layer is the most presentable part of this flooring material. The reason why we said so is because this layer shows all the pattern, colour, texture, appealing look of the floor and it is waterproofed. The SPC core is combining the stabilizer and limestone powder as a core for foundation and waterproof. These few layers made SPC flooring contractor in Malaysia can install and promote this material more confidently to interior designers and owners. However, the core layers can be made by the composite of wood plastic or stone plastic. The base plank layer can be manufactured by EVA foam or cork forms; the rigidity of this type of floor is doubtless.

SPC Flooring Supplier Malaysia

There are several differences between SPC and WPC vinyl, these are SPC has a thinner core than WPC floor, SPC is ranging from minimum 3.2mm to about 7mm at about the maximum thickness; compared to WPC, is about 5.5mm to 8mm only. Thicker SPC floor makes this type of flooring more solid than WPC, putting aside other factors and focusing on the thickness itself. SPC flooring supplier Malaysia is also supplying WPC, claiming that its thick core can make the sound insulation superior since the thickness level can assist in absorbing more foot noise. Many rooms and halls require better acoustic features and therefore WPC is their preferred option too. It will make the users feel their feet more comfortable with SPC and WPC floor since the cushioned core has advantages such as warming up the underfoot, stabilizing the footsteps and insulating the temperature of ground from any discomfortability. However, WPC has a thicker core and depends on the floor height requirement, some designers prefer SPC in order to save cost and lower down the built-up floor thickness. SPC flooring contractor Malaysia shares that both SPC and WPC can be used to any single room that potentially has fluctuation in term of the temperature and moisture level, those exposure of unstable factors might make many other flooring materials unable to fit in the designer’s spec for installation. In this point of view, SPC has a higher performance because of the denser core, extreme big variation of temperature changes needs the material to have a higher resistance attribute against it, from contracting and expansion tolerance. Especially in tropical countries in the equatorial of the earth, south east asia (SEA) that have rainy and sunny days at any time; these weathers require a floor material that will not be stressed so much and cause the maintenance cost to be higher. By having lower maintenance frequency and costs, owners can spend more budgets to decorate other parts of the room or building. SPC flooring supplier in Malaysia confidently claims that the price of SPC is actually lower than WPC because of the specification as per mentioned in the comparison above. Anyhow, many experts advise that better not to go for only this consideration when picking up vinyl material, should focus on the potential pros and cons on top of what is the base requirement of floors. SPC is thinner but its resistance to external damages such as heavy weight or impact hits are also good, since it is having a quality density that is sufficient to take up the durability required by many room applications.

Stone Plastic Composite Malaysia

Restaurant, laundry room, kitchen, bathroom and many wet areas can use SPC vinyl since it is hundred percent waterproof. SPC flooring contractor in Malaysia does serve a lot of property managers, owner of enterprise, house owner, designer and property developer because it is really an awesome choice to be installed for the flooring when sustainable material is required. When the SPC vinyl floor does not have any underlayment attached on it, LVT can be chosen as the substrate for the underlying layer. At the same time, cleaning and maintenance are easier than ordinary vinyl products, since SPC vinyl plank has the top layer coating feature built-in. Any coffee stain, curry soup or tough colouring materials poured on it can be cleared using a traditional mopping tool and sweeping detergent. SPC flooring supplier Malaysia needs to market this feature to property owners when they plan to renovate the unit for renting purposes. The tenants might make the unit messy and full of dirt, weekly cleaners hired can enjoy fast and convenient cleaning with SPC premium flooring surface. The cracking due to shrinkage and cracking will not occur as there is stone raw material as the ingredient for the production, since cabin or container home, cafes, offices are the trends where the heats are penetrating into the internal room. Air-conditioned homes and offices with high humidity are highly suitable to be installed with SPC vinyl floor and buildings with aircond are common in tropical countries.

SPC Flooring Structure Malaysia

More to the point mentioned by SPC flooring contractor Malaysia, the attractive appearance of SPC vinyl floors made some laymen unable to distinguish vinyl, composite wood or real hardwood flooring. The comfortability of SPC vinyl floor makes owner got so relax, the kid feels happy and eldery thinks of so secured even though they might fall down due to weaker knees as per aging. Some older people sometimes prefer to sleep on the floor because of the vinyl floor they have in the house, lying on it with so much comfort as per their bed (some experiences shared by customers). A lot of customers can do their installation by proper guidance from installer, supplier or online manual. SPC flooring supplier in Malaysia offer click-lock systemized products that make users can do it like tongue and groove, as same as the laminated floor or ordinary vinyl. Even without additional tools and glues, DIY (Do-It-Yourself) is always possible without any hassle. Office owners like to install vinyl onto their meeting rooms, common working areas because hollow sound will not be produced and colleagues can have peaceful minds. Putting aside brands, price ranges and country of origins, SPC vinyl plank can achieve better pricing in comparison to other flooring materials that have similar features.

SPC Flooring Contractor Malaysia

Where to Get SPC Vinyl Plank Floor Supplier and Contractor Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd supply and install wide range of flooring types (vinyl PVC floor, laminated flooring, vinyl tile, vinyl sheet, inlaid vinyl, printed vinyl, vinyl plank, glue-down LVT, interlocking vinyl planks or tiles, loose lay vinyl planks, self-adhesive tiles or planks) that can be used for interior and exterior, indoor and outdoor, residential, commercial, industrial, light and heavy industrial usage, customizable specification. We can do the interior design and installation as ID contractor in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley, JB Johor Bahru, Penang, Malacca (Melaka), Seremban Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pahang, Kuantan, Kelantan, Terengganu, Perlis, Alor Setar Kedah, as well as Sabah and Sarawak for East Malaysia. Our other vinyl or flooring materials and services can also cover overseas countries especially Southeast Asia (SEA) countries such as Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei, Bangladesh as well as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. As flooring materials, interior products supplier and contractor services consist of a wide range of varieties, we are able to deliver more than what we have written in the above. Consult us also for your semi-D, bungalow, factory to shop lot, office, hotel, school, community hall to any properties project supply and installation in Malaysia and other regions today at or call (WhatsApp) to +(60)11-7001 1003 (Monday to Friday) or +(60)11-1188 1003 (Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday).

Stone Plastic Composite Supplier Malaysia

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