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SPC Flooring Supplier & Contractor Malaysia | Supply & Install

SPC Flooring Malaysia

Aathaworld is your preferred SPC flooring supplier and contractor Malaysia, we can do supply and install for your flooring using SPC vinyl floor. Many people might be confused about SPC and WPC vinyl floor in which SPC vinyl flooring is very similar to WPC vinyl, whereas SPC stands for stone plastic composite and it is definitely a type of vinyl flooring. This kind of engineered luxury vinyl is able to combine stabilizer and limestone just like the WPC vinyl in order for the creation of an extremely durable core to be formed. Since SPC vinyl is made up of these materials and it is actually resistant to dent, highly stable, structurally strong and most importantly, 100% waterproof instead of just normal water resistant. SPC vinyl has few core layers and these main items are underlayment, this layer able to reduce the sound while adding extra softness to the floor; however, not all SPC vinyl floors are attached with this softening part and therefore it must be viewed carefully before confirming the order. SPC flooring supplier in Malaysia has also emphasized on the top coating or wear layer of the vinyl floor, this is the layer which will be made transparent. The function of the toppest layer is made for the resistance against stain and scratch. The subsequent layer underneath to the first one is the vinyl top coat, this thin vinyl layer is the most presentable part of this flooring material. The reason why we said so is because this layer shows all the pattern, colour, texture, appealing look of the floor and it is waterproofed. The SPC core is combining the stabilizer and limestone powder as a core for foundation and waterproof. These few layers made SPC flooring contractor in Malaysia can install and promote this material more confidently to interior designers and owners. However, the core layers can be made by the composite of wood plastic or stone plastic. The base plank layer can be manufactured by EVA foam or cork forms; the rigidity of this type of floor is doubtless.

SPC Flooring Supplier Malaysia