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Staircase Contractor Malaysia | Fabricate and Install

Staircase Contractor Malaysia

Aathaworld can construct and install the stairway that allows you to access the higher place of the building through the division of constructed small steps to bridge the vertical distance. The floors can be as low as few storeys and it can be reached by installation of stairs, while taller buildings might achieve more time-saving when escalators are built. Stairs are a must for both low and high rise buildings since during the breakdown of escalators or elevators, tenants and users are still able to go up-and-down through the staircase. During the fire accident, all people in the building must be evacuated using stairs instead of other facilities including elevators. Staircase contractor in Malaysia says that fire escapes should always be stairways in both traditional and modern buildings because of many safety reasons. Basically, the stairwell is built separately and isolated itself from the other parts of the building, the fire retardant wall is the barrier constructed for such separation. Basically, a firewall at least consists of two inch while three out of four within an inch will be assembled away from framing of steel-stud or wood-stud. Space allowance within such design is to make sure the possibility of a product that can block fire to be constructed between the floor levels. Staircase contractor Malaysia mentions that firewall is also defined as a set of assembled construction material that can isolate structure, transformers as well as huge buildings for prevention whereas fire spreading will not affect the other side. The position of independent firewall structure will be extended to the roof starting from the foundation, while the duration of fire resistance will be prescribed ahead. The rule of thumb has implied that firewall’s continuity to the adjacent rooftop must be at least thirty inches vertically, although some designs would have exceptional replacement of safety precaution standards.

Fire Staircase Malaysia