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Street Design Malaysia

Street shall be maintained with proper public image since it represents the lifestyle, outlook, culture, value and many more of any village, township, city and country. It makes tourists, existing residents, merchants comfortable to walk, live and spend their time there. Residential areas, commercial venues as well as vacation hotspots should have fashionable, sustainable or presentable subcultures regardless of whether they are urban or rural as a whole within the city. The street that we are discussing here is not only describing the road, but also the buildings, houses, shop lots and any functionable setup or any structural make-up just for decorative purposes. This built environment consists of so many elements, while the common one and the most basic component will be the road under our foot.

Asphalt Bitumen Malaysia

Road can be paved with brick, concrete, cobblestone, bituminous asphalt or merely some rough sand. It can be as hard as to cater for a heavy vehicle to drive on top of it, or as soft as where kids can run, jump and have fun around while enjoying the time along the route. It c