Lighting Pole Supplier Malaysia | Street & Utility Pole

Pole is usually referred to as a lighting street pole, utility pole, telecommunication monopole, electric pole, decorative pole, traffic pole, camera pole, mining light pole, high mast, mid-hinged collapsible pole, oil and gas pole. Lighting poles are also called a street lamp, street light, lamppost, light pole, lamp standard or light standard that are installed on the pathway or road’s edge to provide the light source to the road users. During the booming of countries that are classified as developed or fast-growing as developing nations, power distribution makes the urban electricity available everywhere in accordance with lighting pole supplier in Malaysia. Streets of those urbanized are

Painting Contractor Malaysia | Coating Supply and Apply

Aathaworld is your preferred painting contractor in Malaysia that can do multiple types of painting and coating works to your building, equipment, wall, roof, floor, steel, metal and many more. We can do it from the industrial sector, commercial building and residential kind of houses. Industrial application can be ranging from factories such as palm oil mill, ceramic tile production, consumer goods, food and beverages, chemical processing, furniture carpentry, steel manufacturing to many more. Commercials can be a hotel, office, shop lot, theme park, facade, showroom, sales gallery, mall to others that non-commercial ranges from school, mosque, temple, church, university, old folks home, ki

Vertical Garden Contractor Malaysia | Landscape Design & Build

Aathaworld can design and build your vertical garden that helps you to install suspended panels that grow plants by applying hydroponics, either through firm attachment to the wall or stand alone without any locking to existing wall structure. According to a vertical garden contractor in Malaysia, the civilization of ancient times has been using this setup for landscaping design works until today’s modern architectural building. A properly set up vertical garden enables its service life sustains up to a few decades and the attractiveness is always the most incredible part that gains the confidence of designers by specifying their projects with the owners. Of course, there are some drawbacks

Road Contractor Malaysia | All Types of Roads

Road is basically a routeway between two or more places that are surfaced to enhance the travelability of pedestrian’s foot, horse, bicycle, motor vehicle as well as to heavy vehicles including runways for airplanes. Aathaworld is your preferred road contractor in Malaysia from roads for carts, truck to pedestrian, residential, commercial to industrial and covering majority types of road works. Regardless of light or heavy duty application upon completion for road works, they are constructed for the identical goal, that is to be a base for transportation under various conditions. There will be thousands of objectives for transporters to use roads for their purposes, including going to school

Steel Pallet Supplier Malaysia | Plastic Pallet & Wooden Pallet

Pallet is a transport structure that is flat and it provides a strong backing foundation for storage and also to make moving easier for wide kinds of product types. Aathaworld can be your steel pallet supplier in Malaysia that also offers plastic pallet and wooden pallet in addition to pallet fabricated by steel. For this horizontal and flat product to be maximized in the loading height, it offers approximately up to two hundred and twenty centimeters while its design has enabled capacity to be withstanding the weight load evenly whenever there are goods stacked on top of it. Rule of thumb for pallet stacking activity, packages that are having greater in weight shall be allocated to the most

GI Fencing Supplier Malaysia | Galvanized Iron & Chain Link Fence

Aathaworld can supply galvanized fence, iron, steel wire mesh, chain link, security fence and more for projects. There are a wide range of fence options that allow contractors or users to look for, while chain link is one of the attractive choices for designers to specify into wall fencing. GI fence supplier Malaysia does a lot of projects for users and most importantly, those products are able to enclose and secure these places such as construction sites, penitentiaries, backyards, military field, government office, farm and boundaries with proper safety. Fence functions as the privacy barrier to prevent external parties’ intrusion also, while is ideally for the users who look for cost affo

Convenience Store Contractor Malaysia | Corner Shop & Mini Mart

We have a convenience store in every corner of a row of shop lots, therefore also named as corner shop. Corner shop is a common name used for people in British and some western countries that imply also the name of mini mart that is used in nations like Malaysia. Convenience store contractor in Malaysia can design and build for your convenience store, that fits to what is needed by the owner for the people. Convenience shop is classified as a store that is usually for retail consumers, whereas all range of daily products including snacks, groceries, soft drinks, coffees, magazines, toiletries, simple medicine, confectionery, newspapers to tobacco items will be displayed and sold. There are a

Auditorium Contractor Malaysia | Theater & Hall | Design & Build

Auditorium is a constructed room that allows performance to be played on stage, enabling the audience to either watch or hear that auditorium contractor in Malaysia who usually can include their design and build service. Performances that can be there including arts, drama, seminar, musical performance to even to movie shoes. Many actors, singers, speakers, musicians will use it for learning, rehearsal, performing arts productions as well as presentation practices before the actual day(s) of functions. There is a largest stage among the world’s variety of performance halls, which is the Villa mix that is approximately two thousands and nine hundreds of square meters with the height at sevent

Bench Supplier Malaysia | Custom Made Carpentry & Furniture

Aathaworld can design, fabricate and install custom made benches as well as other furniture including upholstery, table, chair, cabinet, woodworking etc. As a bench supplier in Malaysia, we can do both indoor and outdoor types of benches. Outdoor woodworking must be taken care properly after installation if without special treatment is applied before it is being delivered to perform its duty. There are so many occasions that we can see benches to be installed in the public, and we should always thank the founder of public benches, Gabriel Davioud who has invented this awesome practical material that we use up to today. Jean-Antoine-Gabriel Davioud was a popular French architect who has creat

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