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Bench Malaysia

Aathaworld can design, fabricate and install custom made benches as well as other furniture including upholstery, table, chair, cabinet, woodworking etc. As a bench supplier in Malaysia, we can do both indoor and outdoor types of benches. Outdoor woodworking must be taken care properly after installation if without special treatment is applied before it is being delivered to perform its duty. There are so many occasions that we can see benches to be installed in the public, and we should always thank the founder of public benches, Gabriel Davioud who has invented this awesome practical material that we use up to today. Jean-Antoine-Gabriel Davioud was a popular French architect who has created his legacy in the 1878 Palais du Trocadéro in Paris, although it was then rebuilt for Palais de Chaillot in the year of 1937. The building was constructed on Chaillot hilltop after the demolition of the prior building, according to bench supplier Malaysia. This famous architect was also the one who collaborated with Baron Haussmann (also called Georges-Eugène Haussmann) as well as his works including the Parc Monceau’s entrance gate, Châtelet theatre and Saint-Michel fountain. Common to see that most of those benches in the parks are manufactured by the Teak species among the woods, ranging from 4 feet to 15 feet in length. This tropical hardwood is the species which originated from other specific names such as Nagpur teak, Central Province teak or the Burmese teak.

Bench Supplier Malaysia

Bench supplier in Malaysia claims that this wood species is well-known and widely accepted by the woodworking field, furniture producers and purchasers around almost all of the countries in the world are attracted to its advantages. This hard wo