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Nice to Use Carpet for Your Flooring

Carpet Malaysia

Health Booster: Carpet can actually capture contaminants, dust, allergens. Hence, clean up the carpet eventually prevent mold growth, eliminate dust mite infestations and pollutants.

Energy Saving: Carpet is a good insulation material for indoor which it will save your energy and also keep your feet warm (when your feet warm, the rest indirectly will be warmed as well).

Sound Insulation: Carpet is able to absorb sound and it can be enhance further with padding, carpet acts as one of the affordable material for acoustics.

Carpet Design Malaysia

Less Maintenance: Compared to other hard surface flooring, it requires lesser labour and time to maintain.

Cost Effective: From the purchase cost, cleaning effort and spending and maintenance, carpet saves more than other flooring (hard surface) over time.

Impression: Business or house Image that you would like to create can be achieved easily with variety of colour, patterns and pile heights of carpet.

Carpet for Office Malaysia

Design-Friendly: More than thousands style can be done with different combination of cuts, colours, patterns. Comfort Feel: Carpet is also good friend of your feet, it makes you feel soft, relax and bring a softer home feel.

Safety: Stable and anti-slip fall are also benefits that makes us choose carpet instead of hard surface flooring.

Recyclable: Old carpet can be recycled and reproduce new or other products, where research also show over 120 million pounds of used carpet were collected (out of that, 85% was remade into new carpet). This shows that using carpet is friendly to environment, reducing the needs to acquire new raw material to produce new carpet.

This gigantic flower carpet in Brussels is made of 600,000 blooms

Photo credit: Credit also to Doyle Bloss, sourced from cleanlink

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