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Why Green Roof is so Good

Why green roofs? Benefits?

It is actually pretty simple to Do-It-Yourself (DIY) rooftop with green plants. Its advantages are a lot more than only beneficial to your own buildings, it also good to the public or community either environmentally, economically or socially.

The green roof design, installation, function are vary virtually and technically, which makes it so unique that each and every building can have different creative design.

Maximizing the Benefits of Torrential Rain

Runoff of continuous and heavy rain can damage infrastructure such as waterways, drainage system and fish habitat.

  • Retaining rainwater by having green roof with plants help to deliver back portion of water to the atmosphere by having evapotranspiration process.

  • Absorption & retention ability by green roof makes the delays and volume reduction of those stormwater.

  • Subsequently, it also mitigate the burden of sewer and ditch.

  • Eases the needs to expand & increase the capacity of infrastructure (decentralized rainwater mitigation), cost savings can be achieved.

  • It also assist in cleaning the roof compared to a traditional.

Energy Efficiency

External insulation (outer surface) of the building has been a more effective ways than internal insulation in term of cost savings.

  • Less cooling and heating energy are required as green roof keep down the heat and cold stream through the roof.

  • Solar heat is directed to plants on rooftop, to grow plants and also minimize the heat flux.

  • It also maintain the coolness of the building by reducing the cold air loss through addition roof insulation.

  • Lesser greenhouse gas emitted from conserving energy.

Cleaning Agent

The leaves of plant are able to capture the dirt, atmospheric deposition, airborne pollutant particles in the air and temperatures around building will be cooled down by evapotranspiration.

  • Reduced ozone on the ground level and lower heat equal to less smog.

  • Clean air leads to healthier urban public

  • Societal cost savings will be achieved with decreased service needs for healthcare.

  • The temperature moderating effects can reduce the demand rely on power plants, and potentially reduce Carbon Dioxide other by-products which pollute the air.

Potential Incomes

Many types of flowers, vegetables and fruits can be planted on top of roof with good design and planning which brings you incomes and supplies of groceries.

Sky Garden

It bring values to your building in term of aesthetic view, leisure or hobby, fun and incredible!

Green Box House

Natural Habitats

Rooftops is like a mini habitats or sanctuary for birds, small creatures for nesting.

Affordable Cost

Life cycle cost of setting up green roof are very competitive compared to a conventional in considering those maintenance, savings, earnings

Extra Space

One of the most underutilized area that we always overlook. Superior and comfortable space for you to carry out meetings, recreation and day care.

Social and Other Benefits

  • More jobs related to green roof will be created including manufacturers of specialty products, contractor, designer, landscaper and maintenance professional.

  • Increased recycling rates of compost and aggregate, which also boost the particular sectors.

  • Educate public so that we are more responsible and ready for climate change.

  • City area will have more natural views will makes public better off in term of biologically and psychologically.

  • Green Building Index (GBI) for developer which speeds up their project approval.

  • Grants for green building and energy efficiency will be increased potentially.

  • Floor area ratio will be increased due to effective use of extra space for green plants (as minimum green space and parkland are satisfied).

  • Municipal and utility company may charges lesser for infrastructure expansion or maintenance (such as cisterns, stormwater management ponds), also due to decreased in wastewater and lesser burden for sewer.

  • Therefore, municipal and town planning department of government can use lands for other purposes, improve infrastructure and public facilities)

Credit to:

Center of Tokyo’s Bustling Metropolis

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