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Smart Home

What is Smart Home? Smart home is defined as those electrical appliances, furniture, devices which can be controlled remotely by phone, computer or special devices. Smart home setup brings a lot of conveniences to building tenants or household, it also improve the safety and save electricity consumption by automating power usage and switch.

The following are some of examples where we can convert or get it to be "smart""


This is quite common as in we are replacing the conventional TV remote control with just a smart phone, i.e. Wifi. It allows you to switch channel graphically instead of numbering, even switch the channel easily from internet besides subscription from fixed channels provider such as Astro etc. You can also control and set timer easily for yourself, your kids and eldery who may fell asleep or it's time for them go to bed on time.

Air-conditioner (Aircond)

Most of the time in a year Malaysia and its neighbourhood in South East Asia (SEA) are having hot weather, if the smart phone that you are using enable you to switch on your cooling machine before you come back to office or home definitely makes your life more comfortable. Furthermore, it might also allow you to switch off your aircond just in case you forgot to turn it off after left the building.

Cooking Many people nowadays prefer to cook themselves and eat at home, few of the main reasons are definitely because of cost saving, health conscious (due to ingredients and seasoning selection). However, many of them feel tired and have no time to do so after back from works, hence, they might just give up and grab some food delivery service or merely eating outside. Today, we have smart cooker (although not popular yet) which you can prepare your ingredient ahead during morning time before going out for work. Then, you put into the rice cooker, steamer, soup boiler that you have bought, these smart cookers enable you to switch on/off remotely even before you reach home. That would means you will have your food prepared and ready to be served for you and your family when home.

Smart Awning

You have a full schedule today and you went out in this sunny day with family or maybe even go to work; but suddenly the weather turns dark and start to rain heavily, your one-day family trip or work may be affected and not even that, you have a week of your whole family’s clothes which are hanging just out of your house there for drying. This scenario happens to many families, it will screw up your day or mood and even waste your efforts and time to rewash and rehang of all these clothes. What if we tell you that a motorized retractable awning built for your house or garden could save you from this common trouble. Now you can easily extend your awning to cover your clothes from rain and retract when there is sunshine using your smart phone (to check weather too).

Pet’s Feeder

You might have some troubles with this, you plan to go for a vacation with family for a week, but 3 cats, 5 birds and more than 20 fish you have no neighbor or friends able to help you to take care of them (most importantly, feeding them). However, it will be no longer a big issue with smart pet’s feeder controllable remotely by just a smart phone. You can now feed your fish in the aquarium, birds in the cage and cats in the garden with all sort of prefill food at the respective position.

What a wonderful life if your house can setup all these smart devices based on your needs, the cost of acquisition or maintenance might be the concerns that hold you back. No worry on that, nowadays, these smart home devices are very economical and user-friendly, require low maintenance and even very easy to setup yet it simplify your daily life a lot more than it costs.

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