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From selling to buying perspex or acrylic sheet supply, acrylic rod, acrylic tube, acrylic panel, acrylic box, acrylic signage, acrylic mirror to other polycarbonate or acrylic products in Malaysia; the acrylic product supplier in Malaysia is growing dramatically to cater for these big piece of market. We are an acrylic products supplier where we want to share more benefits and usages of acrylics in Malaysia.

Acrylic also known as plexiglas (plexiglass), perspex which commonly called by user and supplier in Malaysia. Malaysia’s supplier for acrylic sheet or products is growing because the key benefits of acrylic are getting more awareness among users, including architect, interior designer, house owner, business owner, contractor, advertiser, students and others.

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The recognized main advantages of acrylic sheet in Malaysia are its cost effectiveness, lightweight, flexibility in shapes, design friendly, both indoor and outdoor usage, hard to break, easy to produce and install. Some may also confuse about acrylic and polycarbonate sheet, they are two different things where polycarbonate is easier to scratch. What are the types of acrylic in Malaysia and what can acrylic does?

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Acrylic sheet can come from two forms, extruded acrylic (continuous cast) or cast acrylic, there is more extruded acrylic supplier in Malaysia due to the demand of users who prefer a less expensive option, compared to cast acrylic.

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It can be made into acrylic box (acrylic cover) or perspex cover (perspex box), many use acrylic display box instead of glass display box just to lower down the cost, reduce the risk of being shattered.

Acrylic sheet is shatterproof (anti-shatter) which is more preferable compared to glass product in Malaysia, especially the merchant who often use for advertisement.

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The durability of acrylic makes it require not much maintenance, lightweight benefits the transportation and mounting, acrylic sheet used widely in public, home or office also because it can be cleaned easily due to its gloss finish.

Acrylic sheet suppliers in Malaysia are able to provide different size, colour, quality, thickness of acrylic sheet, example of thickness can be ranged from 2mm to 25mm typically (others can be special orders).

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Acrylic Tube and Acrylic Rod Malaysia

Acrylic also being widely used to customize into acrylic tank, acrylic tube and acrylic rod in Malaysia. Most of the acrylic tube supplier and acrylic rod supplier in Malaysia has their own laser cutting machines, equipment to custom made the raw acrylic tube and rod into different length, curve and design. Acrylic tank supplier also capable to laser cut different acrylic sheet into any size of acrylic tank or perhaps shapes in Malaysia, so there is no need to import acrylic customized products where you can get it very cheap acrylic products here in Malaysia.

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Medical sector, science lab or optical industry also capitalize the advantages of using acrylic-made products in Malaysia. They use it for acrylic testing tube, acrylic measuring rod, medical devices and equipment part as they have some extend of chemical resistant, heat resistant, not easy to break and lighter.

Acrylic rod and tube supplier in Malaysia are able to supply cheap but high quality customized tube and customized rod products to pharmaceutical, food and beverages industry’ usages.

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Acrylic sheet has higher insulation than glass and also it allows visible light up to nearly 92% transmit through, clear cast acrylic therefore able to create a supreme crystal clear finishes. Acrylic sheet shall be a good glazing alternative compared to glass which cannot achieve such high level of clarity optically.

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Hence, hobbyist and fish shop owners prefer to use acrylic fish tanks, acrylic aquarium, acrylic greenhouse or other reptiles’ container, allowing UV light to come in to provide a better natural life environment to habitats and creatures inside the tank.

Suppliers in Malaysia said that clear and transparent acrylic sheet have the most sales, these are the most favourite options where users buy it and use it.

Using perspex cover or acrylic box can save a lot of cost compared to other material which you should consider.

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Acrylic Mirror Malaysia

Using convex type of lens benefits you by having bigger reflective view surface, such as acrylic full dome mirror can give us 360 degree view compared to a normal circular flat mirror. Especially where mounted at the ceiling, the huge difference in weight using acrylic mirror and glass mirror makes a cost difference.

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Acrylic mirror and glass mirror made in Malaysia have no difference virtually while acrylic mirror is lighter, installation friendly, impact resistant and shatterproof. Perspex mirror or acrylic mirror sheet have many usages, users buy acrylic mirror in Malaysia commonly applied it to interior decoration, acrylic advertisement signage, acrylic display board as well as for food service industry. Acrylic sheet is widely used in Malaysia due to light weight, shatter resistance and safety.

Additionally, the acrylic mirror supplier in Malaysia is able to provide two-ways acrylic mirror, acrylic two-ways see through mirror (two ways see thru acrylic mirror), acrylic one-way mirror (one-sided acrylic mirror) for different application in residential and commercial market. Acrylic mirror for cake stand, perspex or acrylic mirror sheet can cut to size for any intended purpose, ranging from standard to premium tough protective coating for scratch resis