Terracotta Tile Supplier Malaysia

Terracotta Tiles Malaysia

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is providing terracotta tiles supply, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Our mission is to be leading terracotta tiles supplier in Malaysia, that is why we promise to deliver best quality of terracotta tile supply in Malaysia. Of course, we can also supply many types of terracotta tile in Malaysia which might be in different material, customized size, usage, different finishes and designs.

Terracotta Floor Tiles Malaysia

Terracotta Tile Malaysia

Terracotta tiles Malaysia is made by natural clay material, colours maybe different depending what clay applied by terracotta tiles manufacturer in Malaysia. However, it is commonly displayed in reddish-brown colour. The reason of construction industry’s terracotta tiles supplier in Malaysia address it as “Terracotta” because of its origin is from earth, manufactured by clay meaning “baked earth”.

Antique Terracotta Tiles Malaysia

Since China’s Chinese imperial building roof, Western building design to India’s temples, terracotta tiles has been a must for architecture sculpture, similar to bricks. Terracotta tile manufacturer in Malaysia is able to supply various textures, colours of red, grey, brownish yellow, depends on glazing, some but not all still doing handmade.

Terracotta Tiles Suppliers Malaysia

Terracotta tile Malaysia is commonly being applied as for pavers or floor tiles, owners who want their building’s area to have more antiquated feel. Terracotta tile supplier in Malaysia always receive order from owners who want to install terracotta tiles for places such as living rooms, kitchen, walkways, patios, bathrooms, gardens and balcony.

Handmade Terracotta Tiles Malaysia

Terracotta Tiles Supplier in Malaysia

Terracotta tiles supplier in Malaysia are getting more popular as in they can cater the taste of Malaysian’s market because it refers to natural, corroded yet earnest and unsophisticated. However, terracotta tile Malaysia is commonly being seen to be installed outdoor.

Terracotta Panel Malaysia

Another name of terracotta tiles in Malaysia called as quarry tile is machine-made unglazed floor tile, typically shown in reddish-brown color has better strength and durability. This quarry tiles in Malaysia can be in glazed or unglazed with different patterns and dimension. As a terracotta tile supplier Malaysia, we are able to supply and install for your home, garden or commercial lot terracotta tiles project.

Terracotta Roof Tiles Malaysia

The terracotta tile supplier in Malaysia can supply semi-glazed, glazed terracotta tile with smooth surface, as well as unglazed one which has not covered with any coating. Architect also opt for unglazed terracotta tiles due to its preserved natural colour and hence rustic appealing look can be displayed.

Terracotta Tiles Flooring Malaysia

Terracotta Tiles Supply Malaysia

Glazed terracotta tiles enables many options of colours and shades with the vitreous coating (coloured), you can also find semi or full glazed terracotta tiles in Malaysia, classic non-transparent coated glazed tiles are normally applied for indoor and uncommonly for cladding purpose, they also known as cottoforte tiles in Malaysia.

Terracotta Tiles Contractors Malaysia

In term of durability, industry players always claim that glazed terracotta tiles Malaysia will perform better and the glazed coating makes them more suitable to outdoor patios and walkways due to its low moisture absorption level, more glossy, tougher and higher resistant to stains. Ask us today as terracotta tiles supplier Malaysia for your special enquiry, including terracotta tile installation Malaysia.

Terracotta Tiles for Backyard Malaysia

Terracotta tile supplier Malaysia can also supply unglazed terracotta tiles where it has not applied with any coating, they display in a more natural way in term of appearance as well as not so slippery compared to glazed smooth terracotta tiles.

Terracotta Tiles for Bathroom Malaysia

Since this type of terracotta tile Malaysia was not being coated and therefore, the terracotta tile contractor or installer normally will apply another layer of sealer to minimize the absorption of water if it is installed in wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom, best examples are Florentine and Tuscan terracotta tile in Malaysia.

Terracotta Rainscreen Malaysia

Terracotta Tiles Application Malaysia

Terracotta tiles Malaysia are awesome to be installed at outdoor where those are gathering and entertainment areas, surrounding of swimming pool and fountains. Terracotta tiles Malaysia have also sufficient strength where you can installed in public facilities areas, bicycle or even car driveways.

Terra-cotta Tiles Malaysia

Terracotta tile in Malaysia has high quality no matter it is made by human manually or machine into different shapes, colours and shades. Terracotta tile Malaysia can be used for outdoor such as car porch, gardens, exterior paving as well as indoor for terraces, bungalows including wet areas with proper waterproofing and treatment.

Terracotta Tile Suppliers Malaysia