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ESI and Geosynthetic Liners Malaysia


Polymer based geosynthetic some kind of synthetic products that are used in terrain stabilization, they are further subdivided into 8 categories, which are geofoam, geomembrane, geonet, geogrid, geofoam, geosynthetic clay liner, geocomposite and geocell. Although it is more related to technical requirement by civil engineer, these exposable materials can be applied for ground base where extremely high durability is needed.

Theoretically, any “geo” term is related to rock, soil which is earth-base products; these are commonly applied in civil design, geotechnical, hydraulic, reinforcement, drainage, containment, fitration, barrier, protection, land reclamation, waste landfill, sediment control, surface erosion control and other applications such as reservoirs, dams, railroads, airfields, revetment, jetty, groins, embankments, canals, retaining structures, landfill liners and covers. It also covers marine, transportation, mining, agriculture and aquaculture.

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