Carbon Black

October 5, 2017

Carbon black is acquired from tyres, combusting hydrocarbon partially, other rubber products, paint, printing ink, carbon paper and many more. It is an extremely black compound which widely applied to coatings, electronic cable (as a resistor) and plastic products. In order to increase the wear resistance and abrasion resistance, carbon black is also act as filler for reinforcement purpose.

Especially for on-the-road vehicle, tyres needed to be further treated so the electrostatic charge will be not built up; adding on more carbon black can helps. Additionally, carbon black is also filled up to hospital cart of operation and oil truck, this is to make sure the rubber is electric-conductive. Consult with the carbon black supplier Malaysia near you to check out the properties and whether it fits your requirement or project.

Particles of carbon black always present in spherical shape and crystalline rarely compared to graphite although it turns into graphite after being heated up to three thousand Celsius continuously. Carbon black supplier in Malaysia produces acetylene black without air existence from refractory chamber. The production involves acetylene gas decomposition (heat up to eight hundred celcius), dry cells application is an example where it needs high conduciveness of electric (electric conductive agent).

Its chemical properties are different with soot, carbon black is better powder than soot and hence having a much faster chemical reaction. Soot contains less than sixty out of a hundred of elemental carbon while carbon black has higher content with a minimal of nearly ninety-eight percent. The process of extracting carbon black also known as pyrolysis, and end product might have steel wire, fuel oil beside carbon black powder in Malaysia.

In addition to acetylene black as subtypes of carbon black, there is also furnace black, thermal black, channel black and lamp black. Carbon black is the product from petroleum’s materials that have combusted incompletely, for example, coal tar, FCC tar, small amount from vegetable oil as well as ethylene cracking tar. Carbon black in Malaysia also being utilized for bituminous road additives, as a reinforcing agent for asphalt, construction concrete and infrastructure components.

Carbon black is also commonly applied as diesel soot’s model compound when come to the experiment of diesel oxidation while act as colour pigment for paint, plastic and printer’s ink. Carbon black ranks in top 50 worldwide in term of industrial chemicals production output, and nine of out ten carbon black usage is for rubber, remaining are for pigment and other type of applications.

Carbon black supplier in Malaysia is doing good because of the wide application and demand from the market. First, carbon black put on as ink and paint colouring agent. This usage is very popular because it is better tinting strength when comparing it to organic pigment or iron black; the example of the usage is for printing inks, newspaper inks, paint, some radar absorbent materials as well as black pigment for toners and inkjet ink.