Wall Partition Contractor Malaysia

October 12, 2017

There are thousands of renovation contractor in Malaysia, and household or office owner is always struggling in picking up the best renovation contractor in Malaysia, especially in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor Klang Valley these places. Today, Aathaworld Sdn Bhd, as a leading renovation contractor in KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor Klang Valley of Malaysia will guide you on how to choose which type of wall partition suitable to you; advise from us, one of the best quality renovation contractor for your residential home or commercial shoplots and offices.


Partition Contractor Malaysia

Partition contractor in Malaysia is doing well because of partition renovation work has the most popularity in this market; office add on or changes of partition for extra room, home for more rooms, factory for more workshop place, coffee shop for custom space design, school for classroom and many more. Partition you can get in many types and common one is plasterboard, gypsum boards, drywalls and others. However, partition contractor can also help you in other partition setup made by materials such as brick, glass, concrete, timber and others.



Brick Wall Partition

Brick wall partition is actually built by conventional brick before covered with cement mortar and may also meant to have facing bricks, brick veneers as raw finishes (do not overlook on this settings, it can surely impress you with its aesthetic outlook. The bricks comprise of reinforcement bricks, interlocking brick, plain brick, clay brick (or fly ash clay brick), red brick, lightweight autoclaved aerated concrete brick (AAC), engineering bricks, concrete bricks, common burnt clay brick, sand lime brick (calcium silicate brick).

The advantages of using brick wall partition are its solidity, fire-resistance, long-lasting, easy to install, availability in the market; provided if your structure is ready to support the weight of these strong bricks. However, that is why other types of brick is produced in the construction industry to fit the demand, brick wall partition contractor in Malaysia definitely can support these easy-to-build natural type of partition.

Although brick wall partition can be used as structural partition, but it often being taken as non-structural usage in a situation where those building has been constructed and the purpose is just to have another solid or decorative wall partition. Renovation contractor in Malaysia loves brick wall no matter it is for outdoor, indoor, structural or non-structural partition because of its simplicity in installation and hassle-free after service.