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November 23, 2017

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd is a fire fighting equipment supplier, covering KL Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Klang Valley and other states of Malaysia. Our mission is to be leading fire protection system supplier in Malaysia that makes purchase, rental and maintenance easy, that is why we promise to deliver best fire-fighting tools and accessories in Malaysia. Our fire-equipment supply in Malaysia ranges from diesel to gas, covering both sale and rental. Trust us as fire protection set supplier in Malaysia, assisting you even after-sale service and maintenance.

Fire protection is a must for every building in Malaysia, regulated by the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia, also recognized as Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia (JBPM), or by its popular name “Bomba”. In Malaysia, there is also another association for the fire protection industry which is known as Malaysian Fire Protection Assoaication (MFPA).

The Malaysian Fire Protection Association was actually created by the fire industry’s pros and its official incorporation was only July 1977. As time passes, MFPA grew further into an association that gather contractors, professionals and manufacturers to improve overall awareness and knowledge on fire protection and fire-fighting in Malaysia.

A lot of fire protection consultant, fire protection equipment supplier in Malaysia are member of the MFPA. This MFPA often organize courses in term of verbal training as well as the practical training to ensure the fire protection equipment contractor and fire fighting equipment supplier in Malaysia are capable install and provide training for those fire protection equipment.

MFPA has been collaborating with International Fire Chief Association of Asia (IFCAA) on seminar, new technology and regulation for the fire industry of Asia countries. In order to make sure the related standards are met, SIRIM (also known as Scientific and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia) is participating with the organization so that consistent improvement of fire protection method will be made. The SIRIM responsibilities also cover certifying the products’ compliance to fire-resistance, fire-extinguishing standard. This is an important certification proof for fire-fighting equipment supplier in Malaysia to obtain after various testing processes are done.

Fire protection supplier in Malaysia shall cover from safeguarding the industry’s interest, providing technical skills training, encouraging higher awareness on fire safety and precaution as well as satisfying bomba and related authorities’ requirement, subsequently the submission and approval for compliance.


Fire prevention is also recognized as fire protection; it is a mitigation of effects that are undesirable caused by possible fire (destructive fire). At the same time, it involves the equipment production, installation, testing and training provided by the fire prevention equipment supplier Malaysia. Besides building and construction industry those land-based fire-protection, it is also important to make sure offshore oil and gas, marine, aviation industry have covered with sufficient attention.

Building fire code has to be complied by building owner and the fire fighting equipment supplier Malaysia has the full obligation to authenticate until the building permit is produced by Bomba and other certification agencies. Fire protection supplier Malaysia has to coordinate with the building inspector from head-to-tail stages of the construction, erection to completion of the building. Practical fire emergency evacuation plan and procedure training must be supported by certified fire-fighting equipment supplier Malaysia

In fact, for larger companies and building, they have safety department (sometime security and safety department are in one) to handle the fire-prevention and protection. Of course, high-rise building must have that, security guards are even well trained by fire equipment supplier Malaysia when the building owner engage them to carry out the overall fire protection design, supply and installation.

Common extinguishing of fire includes fuel removal, chemical flame inhibition, oxidant eliminator and of course water, which is the most common one. There are few equipment can be offered by most of the fire-fighting equipment in Malaysia such as fire doors, fire retardant bulkhead, fire pump, fire damper, fire extinguisher, fire hydrants, fire hose with nozzles as well as fire main piping and valves etc.

Foam, water, dry chemical powder and CO2 are the main components for fixed fire extinguishing system, and it can be portable or fixed type. Of course, the extinguishing system must be workable with proper piping, valve, hose, nozzle and pump system. In term of the capacity, diameter, length and power of all these accessories must comply to the bomba requirement; with the validation from genuine fire-fighting equipment supplier Malaysia.