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February 13, 2018

Aathaworld Sdn Bhd able to provide a comprehensive flooring solution, inclusive of concrete imprint, stone paver, concrete paver, stone paver, terracotta paver, clay paver. Paver is an essential building material that should be paid attention with, regardless it is used for commercial building, low-rise, high-rise or residential building. Flooring specialist and supplier Malaysia like us definitely can provide you a hassle-free floor solution, from idea stage, design, supply and installation.

Stamped concrete contractor in Malaysia normally pour, place and get the concrete imprint done with minimum trouble because this type of flooring shall be done as perfect as possible due to the expensive cost to rectify and replace in the later stage. The rationale behind this is due to stamped concrete is not able to be reversed once completed, pattern of imprinted concrete must be installed appropriately after alignment work was carried out fittingly. As a professional imprint concrete contractor in Malaysia, we need to explain in details the step of laying concrete imprint as well as what should be taken care of when steps are being carried on.

Subgrade Preparation

The subgrade is key to final performance in term of its structural integrity and strength for the concrete slab, normally stamped concrete contractor in Malaysia will put a lot of responsiveness at this step. Compacting must be done properly in order to prevent soil from erosion as well as inhibiting drainage system from working. Generally concrete imprint contractor Malaysia will put on 100mm thickness of cast-in-situ stampcrete slab (cast-in-situ means that concrete is to be poured on site instead of precast and install on site), the concrete grade is normally grade 25N with one layer BRC or more. Prior to the reinforcement being allocated, the forms that attach to the stake in order to contain the concrete made by plastic, metal or wood will be laid on the designated area.

Imprint concrete specialist Malaysia does advise the form to be fixed at a well condition because it is to offer an appropriate slope and drainage grade, also to clean up the corners of the overall structures. Going back to the reinforcement mesh or bar that is crucial in offering slab structural strength support, besides as a structural function; it also provide impact resistance, crack management and joint upkeep reduction, especially for huge concrete imprint slab such as car driveways. A good stamped concrete installer in Malaysia shall able to supply and lay every kind of load resistance flooring, regardless it is for landscaping, foot traffic or heavy vehicle driveway.

Concrete Placement

The ready-mix truck or freshly mixture on site shall be laid as close as possible to the final target since segregation will happen if it overly moves with tools. Additionally, stamped concrete specialist Malaysia always be reminded to cover the surrounding landscape, building, objects such as adjacent slabs from concrete splatter with plastic sheet or other isolating material. As soon as the concrete is being deposited on to the designated area from the chute, the concrete mixture must be laid evenly quickly to ensure quality optimized properties.

Screed and Finish Up

After concrete placement is done, the screeding and finishing must be carried out as soon as possible. The floor surface shall be leveled either using self-level cement or manually done by concrete imprint contractor Malaysia. Different decorative pattern shall be laid with the mould after this stage, basically all kind of shapes and textures can be formed up to the creativity.

Stamping Process

As per mentioned, stamping is key to the whole concrete imprinting process because this is where the texture is being created. First, those edges will be pre-textured since bigger stamp utilization will overlay the form and it will not depress completely into concrete. Stamped concrete contractor Malaysia will carry out the stamping sequence as same as when the concrete was laid, sufficient workers shall be allocated to ensure alignment is checked, pattern is also the right one according to planned.

Curing & Sealing

Imprint concrete contractor Malaysia will ensure proper curing is done because it allows concrete density is maximized, more durable, less permeability and other properties to be developed through appropriate amount of moisture content retained in the concrete. Of course, the control joints will be installed to prevent cracking which potentially triggered by drying shrinkage and temperature changes, this kind of stress relief assist in crack control. Final step after curing the concrete would definitely be sealing it, sealer enhance the concrete colour, creating different surface outlook ranges from glossy to satin. According to concrete imprint contractor Malaysia, sealing will also help in preventing discoloration, stop the stain penetration from chemicals, dirt, leafs and other kind of liquids.