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Laminate and Hardwood Flooring | Flooring Specialist Malaysia

November 29, 2019

Aathaworld can supply and install laminate flooring, hardwood floor for your residential, commercial and other types of rooms. Floating wood tile is another term known in America but Asia is commonly address it as laminate flooring. It goes through the laminating process and get multiple layers of synthetic materials joined together. This type of flooring can also stimulate stone by having a transparent protective layer underneath of a photographic applique layer. the next core inner layer is comprises of  fiber board materials, melamine resin and of course will be tested by each country’s respective standard. Laminate flooring has more and more demand nowadays because of its undoubtable features such as maintenance and installation is easier than other flooring types. Laminate flooring supplier Malaysia can also make the flooring materials cheaper nowadays due to increasing demand and wide competition. Therefore, its reduced costing and skill set requirements are lower than other flooring products. Meaning to say, many hardware shop or flooring dealers can actually obtain this flooring for stocks, as well as providing installation services to their customers even though they might not be specialist in laminate floor.

Furthermore, its durability and easy in hygiene upkeep make many house owners or office tenants opt to choose this kind of flooring. Laminate flooring supplier in Malaysia is able to supply brand that has antibacterial resin applied on top of the flooring. It makes many households who have children are comfortable to install such flooring at many rooms in their home. Budget is most of the time the biggest concern of many house owners when they want to do a major renovation, especially on their floorings. Hence, laminate flooring is one of their top choices to justify the aesthetic-cost balance when making decisions. Laminate flooring supplier Malaysia has of course more features in regards to their specialization when promotes to the market. Some claim that with laminate flooring, it can have better appealing in term of visual compared to vinyl sheet or vinyl tile floor. Luxury vinyl tile will lose to laminated flooring when comes to affordability. Vinyl floors are having drawbacks from the aspects of environmentally, economically and feasibility when it is taken to be compared with laminate floor. For instance, it has challenge in recycling (therefore, bring pollution to the ecosystem), shorter durability then wooden floor, some brands might having emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCS), hardly to be repaired and unable to be removed (after strong adhesive used when carrying out installation), it has also lower reselling value and indirectly bring negative impact to the overall building value when tenants want to move out.